Can Circular Agriculture Be Practised Outside the Netherlands?

By: Saskia Visser · 28 May 2021
Category: Circular Agriculture

Can circular agriculture also be practised in other countries? My answer is always: yes! And yes, it is possible in Africa too, although I also know that some of my (former) colleagues claim otherwise. I see and read the stories that explain why it cannot be done, so I thought, let me counterbalance that and show with an example from Ethiopia that it really can be done. Moreover, it also significantly improves the living conditions of those farmers who currently must survive on food aid.

Cooking without scissors

By: Saskia Visser · 29 April 2021
Category: Biobased products

“Nowadays you can no longer cook without scissors”. I once heard this sentence somewhere, I do not remember exactly where and when, but it regularly haunts my mind. And in the context of my intention to shape my life in a more sustainable way, I decided to explore this a…

How does the sea fit into the circular bio-economy?

By: Saskia Visser · 10 April 2020
Category: Food

Authors: Saskia Visser, Tammo Bult, Simkje Kruiderink   Merely transitioning to circular farming systems is not sufficient for the sustainable production of enough food for the global population. We must develop a fully integrated food system, that includes marine food production as well as land-based food production. Only with a…