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MicroMasters biobased
28 December 2016 | Category: write essay online, Projects

On January 24th, the first course of the new MicroMasters Biobased Sciences for Sustainability will start. ‘MicroMasters’ is a brand-new credential that was launched by edX and 15 of the world’s leading universities. Learn more about this exciting new opportunity to keep learning!

Fermentation offers food producers infinite possibilities

28 September 2016 | Category: Biobased products, Biorefinery and conversion, Food

Bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae… Although it’s not something we’re aware of every day, much of what we eat and drink is processed by these microscopic organisms. Fermentation is the natural process which determines the flavour, aroma, colour, nutritional value and shelf-life of many products. As a process it offers food producers infinite possibilities, only a fraction of which are currently being used.

AlgaePARC: Algae as a sustainable raw material in the biobased economy

12 January 2016 | Category: Algae, Biomass, write essay online, Projects

Algae are said to be the green gold of the biobased economy. They are crammed with oils, fats, proteins and sugars – ingredients that are crucial in the production of food, animal feed, chemicals, materials and fuels. Wageningen University & Research is working on technology that will allow production chains for bulk products from algae to be developed in an economically efficient and sustainable way, for example in the project AlgaePARC.