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By Chanoknun Wannasin

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There are some essential things to arrange when it comes to finances before leaving your country as it will make your life easier overseas.

Bank accounts and credit cards

  • Inform your bank(s) that you are going abroad. You will not be able to check the post-box if your bank company send you some important letters. They need to know your updated address or you may have unexpected issues with the payments later on.
  • Consult your bank(s) what you need to do with your bank accounts as well as your credit/debit cards in case you want to keep them active during your stay in the Netherlands.
  • Also, take a look at the fees of using your cards abroad, so you can manage your expense properly.


  • You can exchange money to the Euro currency at the banks, foreign exchange companies, or the airport.
  • For international students, you will have to open a new Dutch bank account after arriving the Netherlands which will be used for transferring money between you and the university. The university will help you out with the progresses. It will take several weeks before you get your Dutch debit card. Therefore, bring enough cash with you for the first few weeks abroad. You can easily find the ATM machines or use your credit cards as well, so don’t bring too much extra cash.


In the first few weeks, it is the time for settling down. You will have to prepare new things for your new life, such as furniture, a bike, textbooks, as well as the rents. As a result, the payment will be more expensive than usual. Plan your expenses of the first month carefully.


“Bring enough cash with you for the first few weeks abroad”

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By Chanoknun Wannasin

MSc student Earth and Environment

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