Dealing COVID-19 as an international student

By: Ester · 25 March 2020
Category: The University

Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of China. From December, the virus has expanded globally. Wageningen Univeristy and Research has sent all students home in order to complete their courses for the 5th semester in remote locations. Moreover, It is not allowed to leave the Netherlands to…

Go get your internship!

By: isnaw001 · 15 January 2020
Category: The University, Tips and advice

While some universities do not oblige their students to do an internship, the opposite is true for Wageningen University.  In this university, an internship program is highly required by MSc students in order to complete their master study. This program intends to support personal development while at the same time…

Happy New year 2020!

By: Ester · 1 January 2020
Category: The University

Happy New Year 2020 everyone! International Students Blog Team wishes you a wonderful new year, with plenty strength and perseverance that will take you to heights of success in your studies. We wish to see you this 2020 in Wageningen starting either your masters or Bachelors.  Wageningen University & Research…

Lumen building of Environmental Sciences chair groups

By: Dissa Natria · 4 December 2019
Category: The University

Lumen building design Lumen building Lumen building is an extraordinary and famous building at WUR because of its design. The building is located in Droevendaalsesteeg 3a Building 100 with opening hours from Monday – Friday at 07.00 – 22.00. Lumen means light. Stefan Behnisch, a Germany architect, built this building…