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Open Access meetings – communicating WUR Open Access options

By Nina Koele

The WUR Library Open Access meetings are the best way to familiarize yourself with Open Access options. The meetings are specifically set up to explain what the EU and Dutch Open Science mandates mean for WUR researchers, and how to comply. Different Open Access roads (Gold, Hybrid, Green) are explained. We show how to search for Open Access journals and associated deals on the Article Processing Charges (APC) in the Library’s Journal Browser. Customized journal lists per Science Group with Open Access options are provided, giving an overview of the group’s Open Access output and options. It is wise to join one of the sessions, whether you already published Open Access or not. The meetings give detailed WUR specific information, and you will be surprised by the options!

Open Access publishing

Publishing research Open Access has become a strong movement. Many funders now mandate that publicly funded research should also be publicly available via Open Access. WUR encourages Open Access publishing, and provides many options. To acquaint researchers with the Open Access options, the WUR Library is touring all Science Groups with customized presentations on how to publish Open Access.

National Plan Open Science

In 2016 the European Union presented a “Vision for Europe” on open innovation and open science. Similarly, early 2017 the Dutch government presented the National Plan Open Science. This National plan has the ambitions to reach full Open Access by 2020, to enable reuse of research output/publications, and to reward open science in evaluations of scientists and proposals. To comply with such Open Science mandates you must therefore acquaint yourself with the Open Access publishing model. Do you know how to achieve Open Access publications?

Gold, Hybrid and Green Open Access

Gold Open Access is arranged with some publishers through WUR specific deals. Via the Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the WUR Library offers Hybrid Open Access deals with publishers. In addition, the WUR repository enables Green Open Access options. Thus, virtually all WUR publications have the possibility to become available for everyone to read, discuss and (re)use.

Join the WUR Library Open Access meetings

But what is Gold, Hybrid and Green Open Access? What is an APC Deal, and how do I find and use one? What is pre-paid Open Access? Does my favourite journal have an Open Access option? Perhaps you had a bad experience with Open Access publishing, or with a predatory journal, and are sceptical? Join one of the sessions to learn more, or contact the Library for information.


Roadshow dates:

18 April 2017: Social Sciences Group

18 April 2017 Wageningen Marine Research

Further dates: Check this WUR Library news item 


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