Waste offers a wealth of opportunities

Waste recycling
9 March 2018

Do you have any idea how much value your waste still contains, including your residual waste and sewage? There’s more in it than you might think. Hamburger boxes for example, contain interesting fibres for new products. Foil can be made less permeable to oxygen using starch from potato peel. Biodegradable…

Potential applications of CRISPR-Cas

Potential applications of gene technology CRISPR-Cas
2 March 2018

CRISPR-Cas is a technique that allows the quick and easy alteration of genes. This technique has undergone a rapid development. This leads to the question: what do we want to achieve with CRISPR-Cas?

Combating irritable bowel syndrome symptoms with the right diet

Combating irritable bowl syndrome with the right diet
23 February 2018

Stomach pain isn’t easy to talk about. After all, the symptoms aren’t visible to others. But one in five people regularly experiences stomach pain after eating. A bloated belly, flatulence and problems with bowel movements resulting in constipation or diarrhoea are common symptoms of a spastic bowel. This means that…

Personalised nutrition as a driver of sports success

Personalised nutrition as a driver of sports success
9 February 2018

Vitamin tests can examine whether beginner or expert athletes have a vitamin deficiency based on blood-test results. However, even if the test results show a deficiency, you still have to identify its cause. Is it simply a dietary issue or is it something else? And if it does turn out…

Understanding river flow

Understanding river flow
2 February 2018

A river naturally winds its way through the landscape. Here it nips a piece out of the riverbank, there it carves a new channel, and further on it shifts the sandbank or deposits sediment on the banks as it makes its way. This is how the flow affects the river’s…

Not all birds start singing earlier due to climate change

Not all birds start singing earlier due to climate change
26 January 2018

Changes to the weather and the climate affect nature. Rising temperatures mean spring is starting earlier and autumn is starting later. Not all plants and animals respond to these changes in the same way. For example, the first drumming by the great spotted woodpecker is now heard three weeks earlier…

Offshore wind farms and protection of nature

Offshore wind farms and protection of nature
12 January 2018

Wind energy is an indispensable element in the efforts to meet climate objectives. In Western Europe, there are plans to construct a great many wind turbines in the North Sea. As no one lives here, nobody will be inconvenienced by the noise from the turbines or the resulting change in…

Ecotourism in Botswana

Ecotourism in Botswana
5 January 2018

The northern part of Botswana largely consists of national parks and forest reserves. The Chobe national park and Savuti nature reserve, the Okavango Delta, the Zambezi river and Victoria Waterfalls are located fairly closely together and are popular destinations for people who want to go on safari in Africa. Researchers…

Healthy through the correct dietary fibre

Healthy through the correct dietary fibre
22 December 2017

Dietary fibre contributes to good health. This is why it is important to eat enough foods that are high in fibre. Most people know this, but did you know that different types of fibre have their own health benefits? What is dietary fibre? Dietary fibre (or just “fibre”) can be…

The how and why of landscape considerations

Landscape approach: The how and why of landscape considerations
1 December 2017

With the ever-increasing claims on land, the importance of ‘poldering’ has also been growing. This is a Dutch concept that means that people solve issues in a certain area through compromises and cooperation. The term originated in the Middle Ages, when farmers, nobles, townspeople and other citizens had to work…