Circular solutions for refugee camps

7 February 2020

Refugees often seek shelter in areas already struggling to cope with poverty and scarcity of water and food. Wageningen researchers, companies and organisations collaborate to find circular solutions to improve the living conditions of refugees and the host population. In Uganda, for instance, where trees are felled for cooking fires….

Hydrogen: sustainable energy storage and clean fuel for farmers

31 January 2020

Many farmers make use of solar panels or windmills to generate energy. However, the local network is not always able to process this energy. Furthermore, while energy is most needed in the winter, it’s primarily produced in the summer months. Wageningen researchers are now studying ways for farmers to store…

Emission-free greenhouse

Emission-Free Greenhouse KAS2030
24 January 2020

The Dutch horticultural sector aims to be climate-neutral in 2040. Thus, Wageningen researchers have built a low-emission demo-greenhouse for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit and flowers in an effort to find ways to reduce CO2 emissions as well as the use of crop protection agents and artificial fertilisers to zero….

A tomato flat: growing vegetables in the city

Vertical farming: growing vegetables in the city
10 January 2020

Urbanization is increasing worldwide. To supply the growing populations in cities with fresh vegetables, Wageningen horticultural specialists are conducting research into vertical farming. With this technique, crops are grown indoors year-round with the help of LED light and in layers on top of each other. Land and water use decline…

Coexisting with nature

3 January 2020

Wild animals are at risk in many places throughout the world. Their habitats are shrinking due to expanding human habitation, agriculture, mining, and industrialisation. Wageningen Scientists are conducting field research into solutions how humans and animals can live better with each other. They conclude that we can conserve nature to…

The Netherlands in 2120

20 December 2019

Our country faces major challenges such as loss of natural areas, urbanisation, dry summers and flooding due to climate change. With all this in mind, Wageningen researchers have been examining the role that nature might play in renewable energy, town planning, agriculture and flood risk management. They have drawn up…

Sustainable palm oil through deforestation alerts

6 December 2019

Forests in Indonesia and Malaysia are rapidly disappearing in favour of palm oil plantations. To prevent illegal deforestation, Wageningen scientists are developing a self-learning computer system. This system analyses radar-satellite images and raises a red flag when parts of forests disappear. Governments and companies can then go to the location,…

ADHD less common in green neighbourhoods

ADHD less common in green neighbourhoods
22 November 2019

Children living in neighbourhoods with more green spaces are less likely to use ADHD medication, according to Wageningen research. This is particularly the case in more deprived neighbourhoods. Mental health also has a much weaker association with income levels in neighbourhoods with green spaces, compared to neighbourhoods that are less…

Eating healthy when treating overweight

Eating healthy when treating overweight. Photo: Jurjen Poeles
8 November 2019

People who suffer from obesity hear all too often that it is their own fault. But the causes are complex. Obesity can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. Stomach reduction surgery can be a godsend. Nutrition researchers at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) are working closely with…

Getting creative with cellulose

1 November 2019

It is possible to extract plant-based fibres from crops, agricultural waste, household organic waste and old clothes. Researchers at Wageningen University & Research are developing technologies to reuse this cellulose, for example in coatings and varnishes, paper, construction materials and bioplastics. This will contribute to the circular economy and help…