ADHD less common in green neighbourhoods

ADHD less common in green neighbourhoods
22 November 2019

Children living in neighbourhoods with more green spaces are less likely to use ADHD medication, according to Wageningen research. This is particularly the case in more deprived neighbourhoods. Mental health also has a much weaker association with income levels in neighbourhoods with green spaces, compared to neighbourhoods that are less…

Eating healthy when treating overweight

Eating healthy when treating overweight. Photo: Jurjen Poeles
8 November 2019

People who suffer from obesity hear all too often that it is their own fault. But the causes are complex. Obesity can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. Stomach reduction surgery can be a godsend. Nutrition researchers at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) are working closely with…

Getting creative with cellulose

1 November 2019

It is possible to extract plant-based fibres from crops, agricultural waste, household organic waste and old clothes. Researchers at Wageningen University & Research are developing technologies to reuse this cellulose, for example in coatings and varnishes, paper, construction materials and bioplastics. This will contribute to the circular economy and help…

Tropical forests as a climate solution

Tropical forests as a climate solution
25 October 2019

Large areas of tropical forest are being lost worldwide. In the process, a lot of CO2 that is stored in the forests is released, which leads to additional climate warming. This means that the protection of rainforests and reforestation are essential. Wageningen ecologists are conducting research in South America into…

Healthy ageing

11 October 2019

As we grow older, the strength and mass of our muscles decreases. Food scientists from Wageningen University and Research have now discovered how to reverse this process. Protein-rich food and strength training can help older people to become stronger, improve their balance and stand up with less effort. These were…

Towards a circular economy

Towards a circular economy
4 October 2019

Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) offer technical and administrative support to companies in the chemical, fashion, agricultural and food production sectors that want to work in a circular way. They help companies with questions specific to their branch, like a home furnishing centre that wants to reuse packaging…

Working on climate-resilient agriculture in East Africa

20 September 2019

Climate change has brought more droughts to Tanzania. This not only affects the cultivation of sunflowers, but also the production of sunflower oil. To counter this, oil producers are searching for a solution. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) are analysing the expected decline in production as a result…

Eat more plant proteins

vegan burger plant based proteins
6 September 2019

In Western countries, we eat too much animal protein, which can partially be replaced with plant protein. That is healthier for us as well as better for the environment and climate. Wageningen researchers are investigating protein sources such as legumes, duckweed, algae, and insects for use in our own diets…

Sustainable forest

28 June 2019

People in the Netherlands use a lot of wood every year, for paper, window frames, firewood, fences, etc. Some of this wood is grown in the Netherlands. Wageningen researchers are conducting a large-scale experiment to find out how wood production can be made more sustainable. They study the impact that…

Precise improvements to crops

31 May 2019

What if tomatoes grew deeper roots, so that they could thrive in dry regions? Would we be able to better feed the increasing global population? The CRISPR-Cas technology that enables such adjustments is much more precise than the typical selective breeding method, and the adjustments are comparable to spontaneous natural…