Choose a degree programme together

‘What is in your opinion the most important thing to tell parents about choosing a degree programme?’ I put the question to Nanne Roos Vonk, employee of Handicap + Study Expertise Centre: ‘You should choose a degree programme together,’ answers Nanne. ‘Even if your child has a disability. Sometimes I…

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Most students have an enjoyable and educational student life. But increasingly more students are subject to study stress. Luckily, more and more attention is being paid to this. I asked a number of experts how parents of students can help their adult child prevent study stress. I have written five…

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A healthy lifestyle is my theme for top sports and studying, says Eva Hovenkamp

Choosing a programme of studies is difficult but, if the chooser already knows what areas of interest or what subjects he or she wants to explore further, then a major obstacle has been overcome. ‘Something related to health’ is what a lot of young people say. Eva Hovenkamp as well….

My child can’t decide on a degree programme

Mother and daughter are studying the flyers at an Open Day

I often hear parents sigh: ‘ My child can’t decide on a degree programme ; what should I do as a parent?’ A very good question. And very justifiable for a parent to be concerned if the final year of secondary school is at hand without a degree programme having been chosen….

Decentralised selection: How can you prepare for it?

Decentralised selection

Admission to popular study programmes such as medicine and dentistry is no longer determined by drawing lots. These programmes now follow a ‘decentralised selection’ procedure. What is this procedure? How do you prepare for this and why is decentralised selection even necessary? And for which programmes do you have to…