How much does it cost to study? Information for parents

How much does it cost to study
16 August 2018 | Category: Study abroad

Studying is expensive, but well worth the investment. Learning a profession that you enjoy and that allows you to develop contributes to a happier life. Earning a degree at the university or higher education level also means a higher salary. While highly educated people earn more, they also incur higher study…

17 July 2018 | Category: Uncategorised

This month pupils in the last year of secondary school will hear whether or not they have passed their final examinations. If so, they will probably become a first-year student in September. And you have undoubtedly been following media reports on increasing study stress among students. So this month I’m…

Prevent study stress… ask for help

Prevent study stress… ask for help
13 July 2018 | Category: Uncategorised

Will your child receive the results of his or her final exams this summer? Will you be hanging out the flag? Wonderful, congratulations! Your child will probably start studying in September. This is the beginning of another exciting period. Studying is both fun and challenging. But students also have to…

Prevent study stress… learn to choose

28 June 2018 | Category: Study choice

Most students have an enjoyable and educational student life. But increasingly more students are subject to study stress. Luckily, more and more attention is being paid to this. I asked a number of experts how parents of students can help their adult child prevent study stress. I have written five…

Problems when studying? Ask for help

Taking part in student life is also important if you have an impediment.
13 June 2018 | Category: ipremier case study answers

Problems when studying are common. ‘That’s part of becoming an adult,’ said student dean Marc Uijland. ‘A student has to have the chance to “fall flat on his face”. It’s a learning process, part of becoming independent. And studying is a relatively safe environment to learn that in. But it’s important to…

What is a minor? What is the benefit?

16 May 2018 | Category: ipremier case study answers

Parents frequently pose very good questions at parent-teacher conferences about academic programmes and studying. For example, a father asked: “ What is a minor, actually? ” It’s great when parents ask questions. They can be sent through the reaction form below or you can email me… (in Dutch, in het Nederlands)