Key challenges for reinforcing food and nutrition security

Food and nutrition security
By: Ruerd Ruben · 20 July 2017
Category: Food security

The international research and practice communities working at the interface of agriculture, nutrition and health convened this summer at the Agriculture Nutrition & Health Academy (sponsored by IMMANA and DFID) and during the Feed-the-Future Innovation Lab (sponsored by USAID) in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a real honour and rich learning…

Taste valuation: let’s stop patronising older consumers

Taste valuation
By: Stefanie Kremer · 9 June 2016
Category: Nutrition & elderly

Companies and institutions have very little insight into the emotions that their products and services evoke among older consumers. Innovations are mainly tested among younger people. But what does the older generation think? How does it feel for an 80-year old to switch to a meal service? Or buy a walking aid? Companies and service providers are mainly led by their technical abilities, such as the enrichment of food products or the design of various tools. And they think they know what older consumers want. I often hear the argument: “My own grandmother said it.” In this article, I will explain why it is important to conduct research into taste valuation of older people.