#8 Away from the field station

Away from the field station
29 March 2019 | Category: format de essay

I must stop promising you things. I promised you to write the next blog before Tessa and Robert were leaving and here I am… Yvonne just left the house to go back to the Netherlands and Dalila and I are the only ones left in a house that a week…

#7 The end of the recordings

Belo Horizonte
18 March 2019 | Category: format de essay

Excuse me for the delay of this blog (again), but I have a good reason for that: Belo Horizonte. Remember my global summary of the last blog about what we were going to do in the coming week? Well, the expectations I had at that time were only a glimpse…

against eugenics essay

#6 Return of the nests and the good weather

26 February 2019 | Category: format de essay

As you probably noticed, there was no blog last week. To be short, the weather was horrible, the birds would not sing and there were still no nests to be found. In order to complete our inability to do our research, a truck drove into the power lines and we…

#5 Where are the nests?

12 February 2019 | Category: format de essay

Chaotic arrival of Robert This week, the last member of the Lined Seedeater team 2019 joined us: Robert! Together with Alexia, a Brazilian team member, and a personal driver from the university I was ‘escorted’ to the airport just in case something went wrong again with luggage and I had…

#3 Drowning in data

29 January 2019 | Category: format de essay

Blog #3 already; I cannot believe that two weeks have already passed by! Something is telling me that these three months will not last long. To be correct: two and a half months from now on. However, time is just an illusion and when I think of all the things…

#2 Getting started

Our office
22 January 2019 | Category: format de essay

No luggage The first day in Brazil could have started better. Due to the fact that KLM told me only to pick up my luggage in Belo Horizonte, I apparently passed the mandatory customs in São Paulo and my luggage was not permitted to enter Brazil. Here I stood in…

#1 On my way to Brazil

17 January 2019 | Category: format de essay

After months of preparation, the adventure will finally start today! I am on my way to Brazil for my master thesis! At the moment I am in the plane to São Paulo, Brazil, where I will take another plane to Belo Horizonte. In Belo Horizonte, the 6th biggest city in…