The CloudRoots Amazonia 22 field experiment took place in August 2022. With a team of the Meteorology of Air Quality Group and two groups from Utrecht University, the expedition aimed to understand how the Amazonian rainforest controls the formation and intensity of clouds, and vice versa.

David Bonell, a member of the CloudRoots project, made a short documentary about the expedition. Watch the documentary on YouTube.

Sunsets and moonrises

25 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

The sun is setting over CloudRoots Amazonia22. Time to leave behind an incredible, unforgettable and unique experience. We are at the top of the 325-meter tower and the quiet transition from day to night is only broken by an ensemble of sounds composed by birds, monkeys and undefined animals. Time…

22 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

This blog was written by Martin Janssens and Oscar Hartogensis We have now spent two weeks in the fantastic care of the ATTO community. We have received help from co-researchers, camp staff, senior officials and technicians at every turn of the project. We are extremely grateful. Therefore, we are very…

Radiation in the rainforest

18 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

We opened this series of blogs by asking “does the rainforest talk to the clouds?” The post “I want one” puts us in a good position to understand how we measure this: through the turbulent exchange of heat and moisture between the rainforest canopy and the overlying atmosphere, captured e.g….

Where and how is the cloud?

17 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

Will it rain? When? How deep is the cloud? Will it grow deeper? How much? A lot of questions without answers. But the soundings observing meteorological variables can provide us some quantification. So far what we have experienced during the CloudRoots campaign at the Amazonia are clear mornings. After lunch,…

I want one!

15 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

I want one! This was the enthusiastic reaction of a Brazilian student after her first encounter with a scintillometer at the CloudRoots campaign in Amazonia. The scintillometer is indeed a special instrument that deserves admiration. It measures the turbulent transports of heat, water vapour and CO2 through the atmosphere over…

Daily life at the ATTO camp

12 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

Written by: Professor Thomas Roeckmann from IMAU (Utrecht University) The key facilities at the ATTO camp are a sleeping building, a kitchen and a building with bathrooms and showers. Except for the bathrooms, none of the buildings have side walls, but the walls are half open. They are covered with…

Welcome to the jungle!

Up and running! The happy faces of the IMAU team with Martin and Sipko, whose help was crucial during installation.
11 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

Written by: David Bonell (Thenician IMAU, Utrecht University) A troop of howling monkeys wakes the ATTO camp up just in time for breakfast at 5:45 AM. Ham, cheese, eggs, and a colorful line-up of tropical fruits invitingly await on the kitchen’s tables. This week, MAQ and IMAU are working side…

En portuñol por favor!

Figure 4: Typical lunch break around the campus. You can eat your sandwich whereas finding some alligators.
11 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

Written by: Raquel Gonzalez (PhD Meteorology and Air Quality, Wageningen University) English or better Spanglish, Portuguese with Amazonian accent, Spanish with Iberian accent or much, much better forget about languages and attempt that the knowledge is properly transferred in a Babel-melting-pot. We opt for the second: the physics and biological…


2 August 2022 | Category: custom papers cheap

Monday morning 0600. Dawn breaks over the metropolis that is Manaus. The city is fully awake and the sound of accelerating scooters, heavy engines and car horns already fill the air. If it weren’t for the heat, humidity and dots of convection that already punctuate the sky, this could be…