Pollinators – showing us a new way to protect and manage biodiversity?

12 April 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently asked us to investigate the issue of ‘Policy streamlining for biodiversity and ecosystem services’. Policy streamlining in this case, is the process of bringing together different policy measures in order to achieve improved delivery of policy objectives. For example: how could different, occasionally conflicting…

International Day of Forests: Learning to Love Forests

Regenwoud Brazilië
21 March 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

Forests have a strong place in human culture. They played a role in human evolution, are the subject of fairy tales, have been ancient and modern places of worship, are the settings for adventure movies and have always been a source of food and shelter. Most of us value forests,…

World Biodiversity Day: Cause for optimism?

World Biodiversity Day
18 May 2018 | Category: Biodiversity

The 22 May marks World Biodiversity Day 2018. A time to reflect and think about where we stand, to consider our achievements, and to decide what we are going to do in the future. Also a date to do something for biodiversity. Cause for optimism? The evidence in terms of…