Pollinators – showing us a new way to protect and manage biodiversity?

By: Lawrence Jones-Walters · 12 April 2019
Category: Biodiversity

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently asked us to investigate the issue of ‘Policy streamlining for biodiversity and ecosystem services’. Policy streamlining in this case, is the process of bringing together different policy measures in order to achieve improved delivery of policy objectives. For example: how could different, occasionally conflicting…

100 years of Wageningen University – biodiversity and agriculture on (a positive) collision course

Hawthorn in a grass pasture – ideal food for winter birds
By: Lawrence Jones-Walters · 13 September 2018
Category: Biodiversity

On the 3th of September, Wageningen University’s 100th academic year was formally opened by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Phil Hogan the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development and our President Louise Fresco. The distinguished guests were there to mark the special anniversary: 100 years ago we ‘became…