Our soil: the basis of life

By: Saskia Visser · 6 December 2021
Category: Soil and land use

This article has been written by Saskia Visser, with contributions from Janjo de Haan, Jennie van der Kolk, Dorothee Tol-Leenders and Rudi Hessel. We expect a great deal from our soils. And, as we have previously explained, rightly so: soils that are treated well and managed properly can make an…

Winning teams for future food production

By: Saskia Visser · 21 May 2021
Category: Biodiversity

As a student, I did a six-month internship at TropenBos. During my internship I lived in the rainforest in British Guiana. There I slept in a hammock and washed myself at the river that ran along the camp. I enjoyed the sight of the enormous diversity in the forest. It…

Soil is Hot, are We Cashing In?

By: Saskia Visser · 20 September 2018
Category: Soil and land use

The soil underwent an emancipation process. For years the question has been: ‘How will we adjust the soil in such a way that we are able to carry out whatever we want in every spot?’ At last, it cropped up recently that it is about which soil we are actually…

It’s the soil…

it's the soil
By: Saskia Visser · 17 April 2018
Category: Soil and land use

Just a question: when you entered your house, when you ate your fries, when you drank a glass of water, or whilst driving your car, did you ever wonder what provides the basic services that are required for all these daily activities? No? It’s the soil. The soil is a…