Your scholarly wallet

25 April 2017 | Category: Publication strategy

Each of us has a number of different cards in our real-life wallet: driving license, ‘OV-chipkaart’, credit card, health insurance card, sports facilities card, etcetera. We complain occasionally that all this is a bit too much, especially when we have difficulty finding the right one. But let’s accept that these…

Vocabularies and the ‘I’ in ‘FAIR Data principles’

28 November 2016 | Category: Data management

There is a new experimental service, that brings together different vocabularies that can be used as models for data in many subject fields that Wageningen is working on. In this blog we will explain why this is in our view good news for Wageningen and why it will help…

Can Wageningen be FAIR?

9 May 2016 | Category: Data management

Last March an article was published about the ‘FAIR principles’ for data management and stewardship[i]. Nowadays one can hear people say that Wageningen UR ’s data should be ‘FAIR’. We had a cup of coffee with the co-author of the article from Wageningen, Richard Finkers, to discuss what it would…

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