Your scholarly wallet

By: Hugo Besemer · 25 April 2017
Category: Publication strategy

Each of us has a number of different cards in our real-life wallet: driving license, ‘OV-chipkaart’, credit card, health insurance card, sports facilities card, etcetera. We complain occasionally that all this is a bit too much, especially when we have difficulty finding the right one. But let’s accept that these…

Can Wageningen be FAIR?

By: Hugo Besemer · 9 May 2016
Category: Data management

Last March an article was published about the ‘FAIR principles’ for data management and stewardship[i]. Nowadays one can hear people say that Wageningen UR ’s data should be ‘FAIR’. We had a cup of coffee with the co-author of the article from Wageningen, Richard Finkers, to discuss what it would…