Open Access publishing versus Quality

Anna Besse-Lototskaya¹ and Marcel Zwietering² ¹ Programme leader WUR Open Science & Education, WUR Library, ² Chair of Food Microbiology, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), ‘I want to be read’, the famous Dutch writer Multatuli (1820-1887) said. The most important outcome of  Open Access publishing is that more…

The WUR Journal Browser – the tool for Open Access publishing

By: Irene Verhagen · 22 February 2021
Category: Open Access, Open Science, Publication strategy

Open Access publishing is becoming the standard in academics. Open Access publishing increases the accessibility, affordability and transparency of your research, and accordingly your scientific and societal impact. Furthermore, the Dutch Government, Wageningen University & Research and many major research funders often require you to make your scientific work publicly…

Your scholarly wallet

By: Hugo Besemer · 25 April 2017
Category: Publication strategy

Each of us has a number of different cards in our real-life wallet: driving license, ‘OV-chipkaart’, credit card, health insurance card, sports facilities card, etcetera. We complain occasionally that all this is a bit too much, especially when we have difficulty finding the right one. But let’s accept that these…