Open Access publishing versus Quality

Anna Besse-Lototskaya¹ and Marcel Zwietering² ¹ Programme leader WUR Open Science & Education, WUR Library, ² Chair of Food Microbiology, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), ‘I want to be read’, the famous Dutch writer Multatuli (1820-1887) said. The most important outcome of  Open Access publishing is that more…

A researchers’ thoughts on Open Access publishing: interview with Mark Ryan

By: Chantal Hukkelhoven · 23 February 2021
Category: Open Access, Open Science

To explore WUR researcher’s attitude towards Open Access (OA) publishing, I interviewed Mark Ryan, a Digital Ethics Researcher at Wageningen Economic Research, focusing on areas or robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and digital developments and responsible innovation. Question: Why did you choose to publish your research Open Access (OA) and what are…

The WUR Journal Browser – the tool for Open Access publishing

By: Irene Verhagen · 22 February 2021
Category: Open Access, Open Science, Publication strategy

Open Access publishing is becoming the standard in academics. Open Access publishing increases the accessibility, affordability and transparency of your research, and accordingly your scientific and societal impact. Furthermore, the Dutch Government, Wageningen University & Research and many major research funders often require you to make your scientific work publicly…

Towards FAIR @ WUR

WUR Library is a gateway to open access research information and is located in the Forum building
By: Jacquelijn Ringersma · 18 January 2020
Category: Data management, FAIR data, Open Science

Within Wageningen University & Research FAIR is the main underlying value of the data policy. FAIR is a suitable and pleasant acronym, which stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-Usable. I can easily argue that everyone wants to be fair. WUR Rector prof. Arthur Mol declared in an opening speech…

International Peer Review Week 2019

By: Chantal Hukkelhoven · 13 September 2019
Category: Open Science, Publons

Experiences of WUR researchers and Global Peer Review State International Peer Review Week  Next week is international Peer Review Week! This week celebrates the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality. Lots of activities take place online, on social media and at events across the globe. Wageningen…

Accelerate Active Learning by using Flexible Learning Spaces & Open Educational Teaching Materials – a SURF study trip recap

An important theme in today’s education and didactics is active learning. In active learning, students actively participate and engage in the learning process, contrary to the more traditional methods of passive instruction. Research shows that for proper learning to take place, it is necessary to process knowledge by giving it…

Groen Kennisnet: Research knowledge in the classroom

By: Rob van Genderen · 29 November 2018
Category: Open Education, Open Science

WUR Library staff works together with researchers of Wageningen University & Research and teachers in professional agricultural education to spread research results into the classroom. Through the Groen Kennisnet program (‘Green knowledge network’), new digital books and dossiers are made openly available. How does it work? In different projects, groups…