Interoperability in data and models – why and how

11 December 2020 | Category: Data management, FAIR data

Communicating with each other requires using the same language, if necessary, with hands and feet. Key element in Interoperability (the I in FAIR) is understanding each other’s data. From data to person and from data to machine. Therefore, to increase interoperability it is indispensable to add context and shared vocabulary…

Towards FAIR @ WUR

WUR Library is a gateway to open access research information and is located in the Forum building
18 January 2020 | Category: Data management, FAIR data, Open Science

Within Wageningen University & Research FAIR is the main underlying value of the data policy. FAIR is a suitable and pleasant acronym, which stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-Usable. I can easily argue that everyone wants to be fair. WUR Rector prof. Arthur Mol declared in an opening speech…