How can you benefit from the Portfolio Peer Group (UTQ/BKO)?

Are you in the UTQ programme (Dutch: BKO)? Are you struggling with your portfolio? Join a portfolio peer group! Let yourself be inspired by a group of fellow teachers who are engaged in the same task, who identify issues and who want to share dilemma’s with you.

What is a portfolio peer group?

A peer group starts with an introduction meeting in which I will give a brief explanation about the portfolio. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and you can share ideas and examples with each other.

At the end of this first meeting you can decide as a group on the timing, number and agenda for the follow-up meetings. Depending on your preferences you can be a “pressure cooking group” with a few meetings in a short period. Or a longer running group, meeting every few months. Some groups discus each other’s portfolios and assignments during the meetings. Other groups just block an afternoon and sit together, each writing on their own portfolio.

When you already have an idea or a draft for a practical assignment or for your portfolio, you can also get feedback on these during the introduction meeting.

I’m interested! When does the next group start?

The next peer group starts March 20, 2017 13.30h-15.00h. Please click here to register.



Marca Gresnigt

Educational Staff Development

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