What is a minor? What is the benefit?

16 May 2018 | Category: Studying

Parents frequently pose very good questions at parent-teacher conferences about academic programmes and studying. For example, a father asked: “ What is a minor, actually? ” It’s great when parents ask questions. They can be sent through the reaction form below or you can email me… (in Dutch, in het Nederlands)

Preventing study stress. How?

international students
11 April 2018 | Category: Studying

It’s very important to prevent study stress because if you have a burnout as a student, it’s difficult to recover. I spoke with Jolanda Qualm, student dean at VHL University of Applied Sciences. In this article, she gives tips for students and their parents about preventing study stress. (Dutch version, in…

Something involving animals, but what?

something with animals
15 February 2018 | Category: Studying

‘As long as I can remember, I have wanted to do ‘ something involving animals,’ says Esmee, a Master’s student in Animal Sciences. It’s wonderful if you already know when you’re young where your interests lie. But that’s just the beginning. Many young adults are familiar with only a few…

Binding study advice and course credits

student orchestra
17 January 2018 | Category: Studying

What is a binding study advice? What must students do to pass their first academic year? Study very hard? Make sure that they obtain all their course credits? Join a student association? The most important thing is to keep your focus on your study. This increases your chance of receiving…

Study success – what factors play a role?

16 January 2018 | Category: Studying

Study success is the wish of all prospective students and their parents. The most important basis for study success is the careful choice of what to study. Prospective students who have thought carefully about their choice of study have a good chance of studying successfully. This is the principal conclusion…