Something involving animals, but what?

something with animals
15 February 2018 | Category: thesis writing help in abu dhabi

‘As long as I can remember, I have wanted to do ‘ something involving animals,’ says Esmee, a Master’s student in Animal Sciences. It’s wonderful if you already know when you’re young where your interests lie. But that’s just the beginning. Many young adults are familiar with only a few…

Decentralised selection: How can you prepare for it?

Decentralised selection
24 January 2018 | Category: Study choice

Admission to popular study programmes such as medicine and dentistry is no longer determined by drawing lots. These programmes now follow a ‘decentralised selection’ procedure. What is this procedure? How do you prepare for this and why is decentralised selection even necessary? And for which programmes do you have to…

computer networking essay topics

student orchestra
17 January 2018 | Category: thesis writing help in abu dhabi

What is a binding study advice? What must students do to pass their first academic year? Study very hard? Make sure that they obtain all their course credits? Join a student association? The most important thing is to keep your focus on your study. This increases your chance of receiving…

Study success – what factors play a role?

16 January 2018 | Category: thesis writing help in abu dhabi

Study success is the wish of all prospective students and their parents. The most important basis for study success is the careful choice of what to study. Prospective students who have thought carefully about their choice of study have a good chance of studying successfully. This is the principal conclusion…

Master’s choice : another real study choice

Earning credits is important
6 December 2017 | Category: Study choice

Your choice of Master’s programme is another real study choice. The essential questions a student must ask before making a choice: Who am I, what kind of work suits me, what motivates me, who do I want to be in the future, and – very important – who can help…

Quality of the degree programme

international students
15 November 2017 | Category: Study choice

The degree programme quality matters. There are degree programmes that are very highly respected. There are also some degree programmes that don’t quite make the grade. How can you judge the quality of the degree programme that your son or daughter is considering? What should you look for? What should…

Selection process and lecturer, study matching

Prevent study stress… ask for help
15 November 2017 | Category: Study choice

The study programme selection process and the lecturer? Study matching? What are those and what do they have to do with each other? Before your son or daughter begins their studies, they will take a study choice check. The study choice check or study matching is the last step in the…

Study success – get started on time

study success
15 November 2017 | Category: Study choice

As a parent, you invest a lot in your child: upbringing, attention, money—too many things to list. Along the way, you will feel it is important that your son or daughter also completes their education. You can help them make their study programme a success. How? This article is about: Study success…