3 tips and tricks for online distance learning

By: Sanne Mirck · 23 March 2017
Category: Distance learning

“What are the most important pitfalls when designing an online distance learning course?” A good question coming from a teacher of the online Master Food Technology from Wageningen University. And relevant for more teachers than just this one we thought! So we decided to answer this question in a blog…

What’s new in FeedbackFruits 2.0?

By: Sanne Mirck · 27 November 2016
Category: Tools

The building of FeedbackFruits is bursting with energy! People are scrumming, experimenting, innovating.. and playing table tennis. They are located in a factory hall where young start-ups take shape: YesDelft. In the middle of the building you find a little greenhouse. Which makes ‘us Wageningers’ feel at home immediately. The…