Groen Kennisnet: Research knowledge in the classroom

By: Rob van Genderen · 29 November 2018
Category: Open Education, Open Science

WUR Library staff works together with researchers of Wageningen University & Research and teachers in professional agricultural education to spread research results into the classroom. Through the Groen Kennisnet program (‘Green knowledge network’), new digital books and dossiers are made openly available. How does it work? In different projects, groups…

WUR Data Champions Katharina Hanika & Eliana Papoutsoglou: actively promoting good data management practices

Have you ever watched the short story on the panda bear that would like to use data from her colleague? If not, check out the 4-minute ‘data management horror story’ made by the NYU Health Sciences Library here. A personal experience comparable to the panda story triggered PhD candidates Katharina…

Wageningen Economic Research: secure data storing and sharing

The data champions interviewed so far all show different practices – and different strengths – when it comes to the four aspects of WUR’s new data policy: planning, storing, archiving, and registering. The data champion of this blog post, Jos van den Puttelaar from Wageningen Economic Research, is doing especially…

WUR Library Centennial Puzzle

By: Ellen Fest · 31 May 2018
Category: WUR 100 years

The Library celebrates the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University. In this fourth post we will test your search skills in Staff Publications with a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you need to search in Staff Publications. Submissions are closed! We have drawn a winner and he or she is contacted….