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30 May 2017 | Category: harry potter fanfiction essay

Most researchers at Wageningen University and Research are familiar with the bibliometric analysis provided in Staff Publications, but the library also offers another tool to use for the evaluation of your publications. This tool is called SciVal. SciVal is based on the publication database Scopus and therefore covers more output…

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Your scholarly wallet

25 April 2017 | Category: Publication strategy

Each of us has a number of different cards in our real-life wallet: driving license, ‘OV-chipkaart’, credit card, health insurance card, sports facilities card, etcetera. We complain occasionally that all this is a bit too much, especially when we have difficulty finding the right one. But let’s accept that these…

Open Access meetings – communicating WUR Open Access options

WUR Library Open Access Roadshow
12 April 2017 | Category: Open Access

The WUR Library Open Access meetings are the best way to familiarize yourself with Open Access options. The meetings are specifically set up to explain what the EU and Dutch Open Science mandates mean for WUR researchers, and how to comply. Different Open Access roads (Gold, Hybrid, Green) are explained. We…

Use of peer reviewed articles in a MOOC

1 February 2017 | Category: Open Access, Open Education

At Wageningen University, teachers want to use peer reviewed papers in a MOOC in a legal way. Since a MOOC is freely available on internet and can be followed anywhere and by anyone, I advise to use free access or open access articles only. In this blog post, I will…

Version control and beyond: speaking of facts, files and folders

20 January 2017 | Category: Research Data

In December 2016, we gave a course on version control to a group of PE&RC PhD students, requested by PE&RC. The term ‘version control’ refers to the managing of different versions of the same file. Typically, such version control happens in a context in which the relationships between files also matter,…