Open access is more than free access

By: Marianne Renkema · 16 November 2016
Category: Open Access

When people think about open access (OA), they immediately relate it with free access. And yes, free access is an important asset of open access publications. However, there is more to open access, which is especially worthwhile when you consider to publish open access yourself. According to the Open Definition…

Create more impact: dare to share your research data

In January 2016 the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI), published the report ‘Durven delen’. (The English version ‘Dare to share’ followed in April.) So far, in Wageningen University & Research, the report got little attention. The AWTI gives an overview of the positive effects of sharing publications and…

Can Wageningen be FAIR?

By: Hugo Besemer · 9 May 2016
Category: Data management

Last March an article was published about the ‘FAIR principles’ for data management and stewardship[i]. Nowadays one can hear people say that Wageningen UR ’s data should be ‘FAIR’. We had a cup of coffee with the co-author of the article from Wageningen, Richard Finkers, to discuss what it would…