The Future of Food – What’s Left for Agriculture?

The Future of Food - What's Left for Agriculture?
By: Justus Wesseler · 30 May 2018
Category: Food

The production of meat and fish from stem cells is coming closer to reality. Several companies invest in this technology (NRC). The technology looks promising and appealing. Animal meat produced without slaughtering cattle, pigs, chickens, or catch fish from the ocean avoids issues related to animal welfare and declining marine…

Bayer – Monsanto: win-win or lose-lose?

By: Justus Wesseler · 22 September 2016
Category: Bio-economy

The proposed take-over of Monsanto by Bayer has initiated a debate about the implications for the agricultural sector: in the European Union, the United States, and developing countries. One of the major concerns is the increase in the concentration in the seed and pesticide sector. Of course will increase as…