Global food security is about more than the climate

1 November 2022 | Category: Development

I am delighted that COP27*, the 27th edition of the United Nations Conference of Parties, is to be held in Egypt this year. And not just because that is where I started my career in 2002 establishing water authorities… At the time, the top brass in Cairo distributed the water….

Towards climate resilient food systems in Egypt and Jordan

24 October 2022 | Category: Development

Some weeks ago, my colleague Marijn Gülpen and I visited Egypt and Jordan, both countries with food systems vulnerable to climate change. Together with the Dutch agricultural counsellor and other staff from the Dutch embassies in these countries, stakeholders from governmental, private sector, research and civil society organizations discussed how…

The AGRF’s call for Food Systems Action, Action, Action

26 September 2022 | Category: Development

Recently I joined nearly 6500 (!) deeply engaged colleagues at the African Green Revolution Forum AGRF 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda to lay my ear to the ground. What common priorities did I hear, what concerns and what calls to action? Here are the themes that caught my attention. Think food…