The new knowledge clip (is not a talking head)

By: Veerle van Pinxteren · 8 December 2016
Category: Video

You think knowledge clips are the bomb? That’s right! And I have some good news for all knowledge clip lovers: innovations make more interactive videos possible. And possibilities are endless… according to what I saw at the Online Education conference in Berlin this December. Do you want to know how…

What’s new in FeedbackFruits 2.0?

By: Sanne Mirck · 27 November 2016
Category: Tools

The building of FeedbackFruits is bursting with energy! People are scrumming, experimenting, innovating.. and playing table tennis. They are located in a factory hall where young start-ups take shape: YesDelft. In the middle of the building you find a little greenhouse. Which makes ‘us Wageningers’ feel at home immediately. The…

5 Blackboard editing tips

By: melissacanton · 25 November 2016
Category: Tools

Trying to build your Blackboard course but having a tough time? Does the content not look like you want it to? Try these 5 tips! Tip 1. Copy / paste text into your Blackboard with a flat text editor like Notepad Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word might case formatting…