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Wageningen Webinar Week: learn more about the programmes

By Suzanne de Bruijn

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We hope you enjoyed the Online Open Day on November 5th and that you now know Wageningen University a bit better. However, you might still have questions, for example about a specific programme. Here are some ways to keep in touch to make sure all your worries are taken away and your questions are answered.


Webinars about the MSc programmes

From 16 to 20 November, a lot of webinars are planned. During a webinar, the study advisor presents the study programme in more detail. The different specialisations are discussed, the courses and specific admission requirements. Webinars are live and during the webinar you can ask questions in the chat that the study advisor or a student will try to answer. It is the perfect way to get in depth information about the MSc programmes.
Learn more about the webinars, including the schedule for the upcoming webinars on our website

Get in touch with a representative in your country

Wageningen University has several representatives that work for Wageningen University to help recruit students from all over the world. They know Wageningen University and the Netherlands very well and represent the University in a professional manner in their country. You can get in touch with your local representative through our website

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Apply for a programme

We hope that your next step will be to submit an application to Wageningen University. The admission committee handles each file individually and inform you by email about the outcome. Sending in an application is free of charge. So if you are doubting if you are admissible with your educational background, just submit the application!

By Suzanne de Bruijn

Marketing Specialist Online Education

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