Mistakes I made when moving to the Netherlands

23 November 2022 | Category: Student life

Sometimes when I scroll back on my camera roll to my first few months in the Netherlands, I tend to get a slight smile on my face. What a bittersweet feeling! I look back at all the mistakes I’ve made and things I have experienced, and no, it wasn’t an…

My first-year corridor experience

29 September 2022 | Category: Student life

More often than not, the second most important question that comes to mind after sorting out the question of which school you would like to study is where you would live. Living in a nice and serene accommodation contributes immensely to the unforgettable memories we build during our student life….

How to travel cheaply in Europe.

23 September 2022 | Category: Student life

The Netherlands. Central in Europe with excellent transport. Travelling across the border almost goes without question- the dreamy European cities are truly within reach! But, can you make your travelling dreams come true on a student budget? Planning is key The old rule seems to stay true, the sooner you…

Ways to be sustainable at Wageningen

8 September 2022 | Category: Student life

A definition that I really like for sustainability is the one used by the National Geographic Society, which says that “sustainability is the practice of using natural resources responsibly, so they can support both present and future generations”. In this sense, sustainability is something we do every day. Sustainability is…

What to expect in your first week of studying

24 August 2022 | Category: Student life

We all dreamt of studying at WUR. I am sure you are excited to be a part of the big family in Wageningen. As a new international student, you will need practical information to manoeuvre your way around in your first week of studying. In this blog, I will share…

Annual Introduction Days (AID) 2022

10 August 2022 | Category: Student life

As an international student starting at a new University, maybe in a country new to you,  I’m sure that one of your motivations for coming to WUR was to meet new people and explore new things. What better way to start your adventure here than by participating in the range…

How to register and unregister for courses at WUR

3 August 2022 | Category: Student life

Our dream of studying at WUR to become academic professionals contributing with sustainable solutions to current and future complex problems is realised through our university’s top-notch courses. As we may have been doing in our previous education, we must also register for these courses of interest to learn what WUR…

How is WUR organised: chair groups and research institutes

15 June 2022 | Category: Student life

As a prospective student, you may be wondering,  ‘how is Wageningen University & Research organised?’ or ‘what will be my future ‘department’ at WUR?’. WUR is a bit different from other universities, hence it might be slightly confusing if you are not in WUR. In this blog, I will share…

Favourite places to study off Wageningen campus

8 June 2022 | Category: Student life

There are several nice places to study on campus, as covered in (Find your perfect study spot on campus). But sometimes what’s really needed to get in the zone is a change of scenery to the ‘outside’ world. Whether it’s to get that final draft finished or to chill with…

My experience: internship at WWF

25 May 2022 | Category: Master's Student, Student life

An internship is often a important part of your master’s programme. It gives you relevant work experiences and helps you prepare for the job market. Now the thought of finding an internship is maybe a daunting topic for you. At least for me it was. Because it represented the end…

Humans of WUR: Stefanus from Indonesia

4 May 2022 | Category: Master's Student, Student life

“In the future, I would like to become an entrepreneur in the food sector in my homeland. I’m preparing for this at WUR by learning the necessary technological knowledge in my studies and gathering the leadership skills that I need by being a member of the student council at WUR.”…

Tips to help you navigate the campus with video

13 April 2022 | Category: Student life

Our beautiful green campus is over 70.000m2 so we can imagine that sometimes it is tricky to navigate it, especially if this is your first year. Student Samuel tells us some very useful tips to find your classrooms and get to know the main education buildings Forum, Orion and Aurora….