From bachelor’s to master’s without unwanted surprises – an interview with Bram

As Open Days are coming up, probably many of you are about to search for bachelor’s or master’s programmes to apply for. Most likely, you’re now going through the thinking process of how to prepare for university studies and what to expect. Luckily, I now introduce you to this blog…

How do student exchanges at WUR work?

AID mentoring
30 June 2023 | Category: Application, Education, Student life

Before going to the university most people pursue their education in the country they were born in. However, often when growing up we want to know more, explore new places and meet people from other cultures. Therefore, a lot of university students go for exchanges to different countries. Today I…

Things you didn’t know about studying at WUR!

13 June 2023 | Category: Education, Student life

Choosing a university is at the same time exciting and a challenging decision. While thinking about Wageningen, you should consider what types of studies you are interested in, location, spoken language, culture etc. All these aspects are important but do not forget about exploring practical day life things. In this…

Wageningen University rankings explained

13 April 2023 | Category: Education

Are you looking for a top-ranked university? Or are you wondering what university rankings actually are? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, I will explain our Wageningen University rankings and how the ranking lists are compiled. They can help you in your search for a suitable university. What is…

Doing the Joint Water Technology MSc: Daan Metz

18 January 2023 | Category: Education, Master's Student

Out of the many master’s Programs that Wageningen University offers, there is one that seems somewhat more daunting than the rest: the joint Water Technology degree. The degree is a joint effort of Wageningen University, the University of Twente and the University of Groningen and the program is carried out…

Structure of education at Wageningen University & Research

17 August 2022 | Category: Education

New students often ask how the academic year at Wageningen University & Research is organised. The education system at the university mostly differs from what they’re used to in their home country. In Wageningen, there are 6 periods in an academic year. This might sound like a lot but it’s…

Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2022

life science today
11 May 2022 | Category: Education

You might be familiar with university rankings that focus on the university as a whole or within a subject like agriculture. But Times Higher Education also has an impact ranking in which they rank universities on their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Wageningen University SDGs Wageningen University &…

Study delay: experiences of our students

2 March 2022 | Category: Education, Student life

As a current or prospective student, receiving your hard-earned diploma within the stipulated study time could be a strong wish. Nonetheless, things sometimes do not go according to plan, resulting in study delays. While study delays can be daunting, the experiences of four WUR students re-echo that ‘there is light…

Earning credits (ECTS) at Wageningen University & Research

15 December 2021 | Category: Education

Earning credits or study points are an important aspect of your studies. You might be used to only getting grades, but at university, you have to earn credits. With these credits, you can finish a course and eventually earn your degree. What credits are and how it works we will…