Do you want to make an impact?

iGem Natalia WUR
By: Natalia Giner Laguarda · 26 December 2018
Category: Education, Student life

Wageningen University is certainly the best university to focus your academic carrier on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. Wageningen University research and education are based on a fundamental scientific approach whose work is strongly connected with governments and the business community. But are you just looking forward to…

FabLab; Want to be a maker?

iGem Natalia WUR
By: Natalia Giner Laguarda · 12 December 2018
Category: Education

Wageningen University offers you more than just science, indeed Wageningen is well known for its capacity to translate science. Have you ever had an idea in your mind which you wanted to make physical? Did you ever thought about a molecule, a landscape, a prototipe or a new item and…