Pronouncing Wageningen Locations like a Dutch

By Margaréta

When you move to Wageningen, you are immediately bombarded by Dutch words that are seemingly impossible for us, foreigners, to pronounce. Names of stations, campus buildings or even student dormitories sometimes sound like tongue twisters to me! If you feel the same, don’t worry, I got your back. I compiled a list of the most frequently used terms and asked a Dutchie to record the correct pronunciation. Hope you find it useful!


We will start with the most essential word, Wageningen, which is the name of the town where Wageningen University is located.


Wageningen city center


Ede-Wageningen is the name of the closest train station. It is here you are most likely to arrive when you travel to Wageningen. You can read more about how to travel to Wageningen in one of my older blogs.


De Bongerd

De Bongerd is the name of the university sport centre, where you can enjoy a wide variety of sport classes to relax after a busy day.


Sport center De Bongerd


The worst of all, in my opinion, is the word Leeuwenborg, which is the name of one of the campus buildings located on the south side of the campus.



Idealis is the provider of student accommodation in Wageningen and operates a number of different buildings.


Idealis in itself may not be too difficult to pronounce, but many of the dormitory buildings are. Here are the 10 biggest ones:









Idealis building Bornsesteeg














That is it for this blog. If there are any other terms you find difficult to pronounce, feel free to leave a comment below and I can prepare part 2. Until then, goodbye!

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By Margaréta

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