Indoor Gardening 101

By: Linda Widiachristy · 7 December 2020
Category: Tips and advice

“Gardening adds years to your life and adds life to your years.” As someone who just started doing gardening and has difficulty in distinguishing the plants’ names at first (who’s with me?), I recently realized that gardening does add ‘life’ to your daily-life. Particularly at this moment, bringing something green…

Celebrating Pride month

By: Madhumeetha B · 4 June 2020
Category: Tips and advice

You can’t spell Solidarity and Pride without the I. In the same way, solidarity cannot be fulfilled with just an I. To commemorate the Pride month that is celebrated during the month of June every year, I decided to document my thoughts on celebrating this community.    Pride Parades are…

Internship & COVID-19 situations

By: Ester · 12 April 2020
Category: Exams, The University, Tips and advice

I’m Monika from India, right now in my second year Masters Food Technology. Since I’m in my internship phase, I moved out of Netherlands by end of February. At that point things were still normal around campus. I moved to Belgium for my internship where I started working from 4th…