Day cycling trips around Wageningen

By Maria

Everyone who has been in Wageningen for at least a month has probably realised that it’s a rather small city. After visiting the Saturday market, cafés, and walking on the Dijk for the 100th time, you might start feel like you’ve done it all. Luckily, after three years of living here, I’ve collected, as the Dutch say, some “gezellig” alternative activities for a cycling day away!

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Eating cheese and grapes between cows (aka picnics)

Small ferry crossing Rijn

First of all, let me introduce you to the idea of picnics not only at the Wageningse Rijn “beach”. You can cycle (even if the bike is old and wonky) to many charming spots around Wageningen as they’re not far at all.

We’re so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful and peaceful nature. There’s plenty to choose from! My personal favourite cycling route is to the Blauwe Kamer, a nature reserve with wild animals and many hiking routes. Usually, after a walk there, I take my bike and cross the river on the small ferry, which goes every 5 minutes. Then, I cycle on the Dijk towards Wageningen and stop somewhere along the Rijn for a picnic (of course with market fruits and cheese). After that, I come back with another ferry, which is in front of the Arboretum. This is just one of many routes—the best thing to do is to take some good food and explore the area!


Cycling up

Cycling path to Rhenen by the river

the hill…?

Heading west from Wageningen, you can also cycle to Rhenen, where you’ll find a local zoo! Some of you might think now, “Oh no, but then I have to cycle up THE MOUNTAIN!”, but I have a hidden route to avoid sweating on a bike with no gears.

In the picture below, you can see two paths, one of which goes along the river—it’s absolutely beautiful and, most importantly, flat. The other is on the opposite side behind the zoo. Rhenen is as well by the river Rijn, so you can also find cute spots for picnics, playing games, or just relaxing under a tree.

Alternative cycling routes to the zoo (Red by the river, blue behind the zoo)

Up the North to mini golf, bawling and history

Mini golf in Bennekom

If you’d rather cycle north, you can go to Bennekom, where you’ll find an outdoor mini-golf place in the forest! After a pleasant bike ride through the beautiful forest, you can enjoy the quiet of nature and the fun of a competitive game. When I visited, I happened to be the only one there that evening, so the whole place was just for me and my friends.

Another stop could be the kasteel Hoekelum (not Rouge), which is between Bennekom and Ede. It looks absolutely majestic with a big field in front and horses peacefully grazing. You can stop at the café for a drink or cake and enjoy the surroundings.

And, in case you didn’t know yet, further north in Ede you’ll find a big cinema and bowling bars. These are open until late, so a 25-minute bike ride and you’re there!

Castle in Doorwerth

My last tip is a bit longer cycling trip to the castle in Doorwerth. It’s located by the Rijn. So, again, the route goes through the beautiful nature of our Gelderland province. You can walk around and inside the castle and have a drink at the local café. It’s a super nice day trip from Wageningen, so let’s go!


Ps. Going to all of the mentioned places you can find a cute spots on the way to have picnic!! 🙂

I hope I’ve given you some new ideas for different and fun activities! I also highly encourage you to explore the area on your own and share in the comments what you discover!



By Maria

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