How to find a scholarship

By: Paula · 19 January 2022
Category: Application

One of the most asked questions the International Students Advice team gets is how to find a scholarship. Unfortunately, there are far more students in need of a scholarship, than available scholarships. However, there are a few tips we can give you that might help find funding for your studies….

Applying ‘Huurtoeslag’ or rent subsidy in the Netherlands

Updated on: 22 March 2021 Finding student accommodation can be pretty challenging for international students. Even after you stumble upon the perfect one, you still need to consider whether the budget is suitable for you or not, whether the facilities are desirable, and other concerns. During this pandemic, I find…

Master’s Open Day – WUR

By: Monika Saradha · 3 May 2020
Category: Application, Education

With the recent Covid-19 situation, Wageningen University didn’t fall short of missing out on providing the most for the incoming students.The Master’s Open Day was conducted online on the 30th of April 2020. A number of student representatives were present live on social media platforms to answer questions from the…

WUR prospective student from Italy

By: Ester · 15 April 2020
Category: Application, Master's Student, Student life

Luca is a prospective student from Italy. After his Bachelor’s degree, he’d like to come to Wageningen and start the master in Food Technology. We are aware that this tough situation has brought a lot of uncertainties and issues regarding application processes. However, we are sure that all the measures taken…

Brexit impact on current and prospective WUR students

By: Ester · 15 September 2019
Category: Application

Impact of Brexit on current and prospective students The consequences of Brexit for prospective UK student or for WUR student will cause an impact. Therefore, the concerns and thought of our students are of high relevance. We asked the opinion, from a personal perspective, from a student enrolled at WUR…

Thoughts of a future student before applying

windmills blog Wageningen
By: Guest Blogger · 18 October 2017
Category: Application, Student life

By Samin Rijal – Nepal Albert Einstein’s once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. I too believe that experience is the most gracious teacher and is the most indispensable catalyst for one’s growth and development. As a social work graduate and having worked in the development sector for…