4 Things You Should Know Before You Apply to WUR

By Rabindra Ganapati V

Updated on: 1 March 2021

Submitting applications to universities can be stressful. I know that first-hand since I have been there, done that. But sometimes knowledge about the procedure can make it easier.

That is why I have put together a short list of things that are “good-to-know” about how to apply to Wageningen University.

Anything from application deadlines to English requirements, scroll down to find out more.

1. Don’t wait until the last moment to submit your application.

The application process takes place through a nationwide education portal called Studielink. The last date to submit the application in that portal for bachelor’s and master’s students are given below:

For Bachelor’s

Non-EU/Non-EFTA nationals 1 May 2021
EU/EFTA nationals 1 July 2021
Dutch nationals with VWO Diploma 1 August 2021
Dutch nationals without VWO Diploma 1 July 2021

All the Applicants must go through a process called “Study choice check”. Also, there are certain additional requirements for Non-EU applicants. Check the links below for a more detailed description.

For Master’s

NL/EU/EFTA Students Non-EU/Non-EFTA Students
Application in Studielink 15 June 2021 15 April 2021
Submit application documents in the application portal (you need to apply in Studielink first) 1 July 2021 1 May 2021

You have to take into account that there would be different application deadlines if you wish to be eligible for a scholarship.

Yearly, there are two intakes for the master’s. February intake for limited courses (Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Forest and Nature Conservation and Plant Sciences) and the September intake for all the courses available at WUR.

Check the links below for more detailed information about the intake deadlines, admission process, eligibility requirements, tuition fees and the general scholarship programs.

If you have your documents ready for application, you can apply right away. Whenever you upload your full application, you will receive an answer about your application within 6-8 weeks. Isn’t it great to know if you can be accepted as early as possible? That gives you also much more time to arrange everything you need before moving to Wageningen. Also, if for any reason you are not accepted, you still have plenty of time to apply for other universities.

2. There is no fixed number of students who are accepted to our programmes (For Bachelor’s and Master’s)

Have you wondered how many students get accepted to WUR programmes? And how will that number affect you? At Wageningen University & Research there is no acceptance rate.

If you meet all the admissions requirements, you can be accepted at WUR!

Go to your programme page and you can find all the details regarding the eligibility criteria. If you have any questions you can always mail the admission committee regarding your query, and they are very responsive. It is always better to check your programme requirements first and then contact the admission committee, in case of any queries.

So, all in all, WUR does not make a list of the candidates and compare them against each other. That is also why, as I mentioned in point 1, you can submit your application any time and also know the results quickly after that.

3. The best way to find out if you are eligible is to apply.

You can send the WUR staff as many emails as you wish, but they will not be able to tell you if you can be accepted. Of course, feel free to contact the study adviser and ask if your BSc is relevant. But they still will not be able to ensure you that you can start your studies at WUR. That is because there are many aspects to your application. Only the admissions committee, after receiving your whole package of documents, can make the decision.

If you are in doubt whether you would be eligible or not the best way to find out is to apply.

4. You need to prove your English proficiency and submit the results on time.

When you want to study one of the English-taught programmes at the university you have to prove your English skills.

English requirements MSc programmes

All the MSc programmes at WUR are in English. This means that you must have a good command of the language. During your study you have to present in English, write essays and reports, and participate well in group discussions. That’s why there are English requirements.

All you need to do is take one of the English exams and make sure you reach the required grades. Also, it is very important that you have the results before the application deadline. So, make sure you take the test well in advance. Or if possible give yourself the time to re-take the test if you did not reach the required level the first time.

The English language proficiency test (IELST or TOEFL) is usually mandatory but in certain cases, if you can prove your proficiency through other means you can be exempted from this test. So, it depends on the programme you wish to join and also your nationality. View more detailed information regarding the English test at the WUR website.

English requirements BSc programmes

For the bachelor’s programmes there are language requirements too, depending on the medium of education (English or Dutch) you choose to follow.  There are several tests that you can take to prove your level of English. Detailed information about these tests and the bachelor’s language requirements is listed at the website.

So, start getting busy with your application now! Take the English test, write your motivation letter, and get all other documents in order. Upload them, and soon enough you will know if you can start your studies at WUR.

By Rabindra Ganapati V

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