Housing options in Wageningen: Droevendaal

17 May 2021 | Category: georgian food essay, Student life

Most international students that study at WUR live in and around Wageningen. There are several housing options, like large student flats, smaller apartments or private rooms. One of the shared housing facilities is Droevendaal.   Droevendaal complex is a unique housing option in Wageningen. This is because you get to…

Applying ‘Huurtoeslag’ or rent subsidy in the Netherlands

Updated on: 22 March 2021 Finding student accommodation can be pretty challenging for international students. Even after you stumble upon the perfect one, you still need to consider whether the budget is suitable for you or not, whether the facilities are desirable, and other concerns. During this pandemic, I find…

Cost of Living

9 March 2021 | Category: Education, georgian food essay, Student life

Updated on: 8 March 2021 For many international students, the cost of studying is a big concern. It is wise to plan ahead and make a financial plan for your stay in Wageningen. This article helps get you started.   How much does a banana cost? Maybe not the first…

Looking for accommodation

25 June 2020 | Category: georgian food essay

Of course Coronavirus left us with so many questions. Next year will go online? Will the university do all the courses online? DO I have to move to The Netherlands? It has been almost 3 months since the World Health Organization declared coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international…

Living with an international PhD

23 November 2019 | Category: georgian food essay

The process of finding  a room in the NL As we all know finding a place to live in Wageningen (and in the Netherlands in general) is really hard. I was subscribed to all the possible pages to find a room. I received a lot of  “Sorry Arianna, only dutch…

What living in Haarweg is actually like!

23 October 2019 | Category: georgian food essay

As  a student, moving to a new place to call home is a mammoth of a task. This initially seems impossible to do which is exactly how I felt when I first got a room in Haarweg. It is a popular housing option in Wageningen where loads of students stay….

Student accommodation in Wageningen is scarce: Follow this steps to deal with it

An escalating number of international students at Wageningen University and Research is not followed by the increase in student accommodation offers. It creates a problem where many students cannot get their housings right before the academic year starts. It  causes stress among newly international students as they need to find…

Living in Dijkgraaf: A home far away from home

28 August 2019 | Category: georgian food essay

Finding a room in Wageningen was difficult for new students, including me I will start my story with my struggle of finding a room. However, after struggling to find a room in Wageningen, I received an offer via Idealis website and I accepted it. I heard about the struggle of…

Nano, Socius

15 July 2019 | Category: georgian food essay

Imagine coming to new country and you do not have your own place to stay! That was my start at Wageningen 🙂 As soon as I accepted my application, I simultaneously began to look for a place to stay. I have heard stories about the insufficient housing situation at Wageningen….

Wageningen – House? Or Home?

26 June 2019 | Category: georgian food essay

The Excitement The universe was very kind to me because I was blessed with 13 dutch and 1 greek housemate. Haarweg is one of the most interesting housing facilities in Wageningen. I say interesting because there are three main divisions of room here. Two sharing, six sharing and fourteen sharing…