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By: Guest Blogger · 18 October 2017
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By Samin Rijal - Nepal

Samin Rijal student wuracAlbert Einstein’s once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. I too believe that experience is the most gracious teacher and is the most indispensable catalyst for one’s growth and development. As a social work graduate and having worked in the development sector for more than three years, I have come to realize that comprehensive understanding of society, culture, their relation and implication on development works are essential for a successful development actioner. Moreover, I have learnt to look into different perspective of an occurrence-to know that every coin has two sides and that there is always a connector.

Lately I have felt an urge to expand my horizon and gain new perspective that would aid my career.

At the moment, I am associated with Foundation for Development Management, a development consultancy, as a Program Associate. My work description includes collaborating with Program Officers to write solicited proposals, prepare Monitoring and Evaluation framework, data collection, data analysis and report writing. This has given me an opportunity to immerse in the development sector of my country.

However, lately I have felt an urge to expand my horizon and gain new perspective that would aid my career. And, what else could be a better way than getting a degree in International development Studies from an esteemed university as Wageningen University. I believe that getting an international exposure will widen my network and equip me with essential knowledge and skills to enhance my contribution in the development sector of my country.


I have a philosophy in life- the hiking philosophy; while on a hike, one can either strain oneself to reach the top- getting to the very peak of their physical capacity and bringing upon exertion but ultimately success. But, there is this other genre of people, the living-each-moment-as-it-comes genre. Such hikers, though it is their goal to get to the top of the peak and enjoy the picturesque view, they are the ones who enjoy the process of getting their task done. I would like to think that I belong to the second category. I love challenges in my life and deciding to leave my birthplace and family behind for my further studies is a major turning point of my life.


I believe that getting an international exposure will widen my network

As I am preparing to apply for the University and the scholarships, I have a mixed feeling whether or not I will get into the university, or will I get the scholarship? But, with patience and dedication, I know I will be able to get through this and enter to a new chapter of my life.



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    Good post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts.

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