My Summer School Experience at Wageningen University and Research

By Jenny Olatunji  Editing by Chhavi Kaushik   It was a cold, dark and dreary evening in late November when I was mindlessly scrolling through Google and came across an infographic for the ‘Global Food Summer School’ at Wageningen University & Research. Summer school is essentially a series of lectures…

Six Nationalities, Eight Weeks, Challenging Project – One Family !

Background Six nationalities with six different professional and educational background– working together on a challenging yet satisfying project – throughout eight intense weeks. That was pretty much how we, Ainhoa Solano Hernandez, Irma Savitri Sani, Jana Chrenkova, Jorge Gonzalez, Lingxuan Li and Zakaria Alam, would describe our experience working together…

Thoughts of a future student before applying

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By: Guest Blogger · 18 October 2017
Category: Application, Student life

By Samin Rijal – Nepal Albert Einstein’s once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. I too believe that experience is the most gracious teacher and is the most indispensable catalyst for one’s growth and development. As a social work graduate and having worked in the development sector for…

Beware Finland

By: Guest Blogger · 2 October 2017
Category: Student life

By Liam Jenkins When I first arrived to Finland, I was shocked by all the little things that make spanish people nervous abroad. Landing in Helsinki during an August afternoon and fog and rain being all you could see out of the miniscule windows on the plane springs to mind,…

My experience as European Workshop project manager.

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Fasten your seat belts, we are going to Malta. By Francisco Xosé Presas Basalo   The European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management is a consultancy training provided by Wageningen University. On it, an interdisciplinary and multicultural group of 30 students undertake a real consultancy project for a client in another…

Studying in the Netherlands: my experience

By: Guest Blogger · 29 May 2017
Category: Student life

by Julia Winkeler, student Plant Science from Delaware   I started studying for my Master’s degree in Plant Science at Wageningen University & Research this past February. I feel very grateful to be able to study at the number 1 university in the Netherlands as well as the world’s top-ranked…

The Wageningen Experience

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By: Guest Blogger · 11 March 2017
Category: Student life

By Eduardo Kaleb Zamora Garcia   At some point of the year 2013, while I was working on a telecommunication company, I realised I was not yet ready for the long-term life of a full-time employee and I was actually longing for the experience of studying a postgraduate programme abroad….

Handling ‘morriña’; from Spain to Wageningen.

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By: Guest Blogger · 13 February 2017
Category: Student life

by Francisco Xosé Presas Basalo Many questions arise when you are considering moving to study in Wageningen. In this blog entry, I tell some of my experiences in the Netherlands. Some anecdotes are so general that all Southern European students will feel identified, while others are so specific that only…

Social life in Wageningen

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By: Guest Blogger · 8 September 2016
Category: Student life

By Raquel Lujan Soto   For many of us, students who came to Wageningen to get the bachelor, master or PhD degree, social life is high in the hierarchy for having a healthy and happy life. In the beginning it might be a bit difficult to get used to the…