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By Luisa Fernanda

With the new academic year in full swing, we are organising all kinds of events to give you an idea of our university.  You can join a different event every month. And did you know almost all of our events are online? Though we would love to show you around our beautiful green campus in person, we know that not all international students have the possibility to come to Wageningen (even more now with the pandemic). This is why we organise online events already for years. We hope it makes the orientation for a university a bit easier. So what can you all do in the upcoming months? We made a list for you below.

Planned orientation activities

  • Webinar for BSc and MSc students – 21 December: In this live webinar you will get information about studying in Wageningen. You will also get the opportunity to ask your questions. You can register for this webinar on the website.
  • Virtual Open Day – early spring 2022: Join Zoom presentations with all the BSc and MSc programmes, chat with students and join Live Q&A’s about practical things like housing and admission. Or discover the campus on the online platform. Leave your email at the website to get an update when the sign up opens.

virtual open day wageningen university

On-demand possibilities

  • Online campus tour: Do you want to get a glimpse of our campus? We have a digital campus tour at the online platform. Discover the campus and read the stories of our students.
  • Be a student for a day: After getting detailed information about the programmes during an open day, students often want to experience what it’s like to be a student. You can do this by joining a student for a day. They give you a peek into their study day. View this option for BSc students or MSc students at the website.
  • Chat with a student: If you have questions for one of our students, you can contact them through chat. They are happy to answer your questions and tell you about their experiences. Go to the chat with our students page at the website.
  • Representatives for master’s students: International representatives know what it’s like to study in Wageningen and give advice to master’s students in their own country. We have representatives all over the world. Find a representative in your area.
  • Online lecture series for bachelor’s students: If you want to experience an online lecture you can join a free online course. This way you’ll find out what it’s like to follow a bachelor’s programme at Wageningen University & Research. Check which courses are available to join online.

We hope to see meet you online at one of our activities! And if you still have questions drop us a comment below.

By Luisa Fernanda

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