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How do student exchanges at WUR work?

By Maria

Before going to the university most people pursue their education in the country they were born in. However, often when growing up we want to know more, explore new places and meet people from other cultures. Therefore, a lot of university students go for exchanges to different countries. Today I want to tell you my story, as once I was an ERASMUS exchange student at WUR as well!

First step: how to arrange an exchange?

Usually at your home university website you can find a page about exchanges and going abroad. There will be special offers for certain study programmes which you should investigate. Often you will find special requirements like already obtained credit points, English knowledge or GPA. Keep them in mind and try meeting all of them! Then you should be provided with instructions how to apply and whom you can contact in case of questions. After successful application for an exchange to WUR you will be contacted with a personal exchange coordinator. This person will help you with everything from making the learning agreement till giving tips how to find a house. Be patient while filling lots of documents and emailing multiple departments but trust me, it will all be worth it.

Any obligations?

When being on an exchange there is one and the most important aspect of the whole arrangement to remember about. Usually, you will get some financial subsidy to go abroad, the amount differs per country depending on its economic situation. While signing up the contract of the exchange you agree to deliver certain amounts of credit points (ECTS). This is a form of an agreement – you get money, but you need to pass few courses. For example, to complete a 6 month long Erasmus you are required to attain a minimum of 15 ECTS.

How the exchange feels?

Formalities are only one side of the whole thing but there is obviously much more. Often moving to another country brings up lots of fears which is fully understandable. On my own I know how it is to say “the last” goodbye to your parents while going through the security gates. Arriving to the new city and trying to find out where is my new home. I strongly believe that’s the scariest but also most exciting part of this journey. The big and mysterious unknown. Usually within the first few days up to one week most of exchange students say “I LOVE IT”. The excitement is so big that you not necessarily miss your home, everything is new and better. Of course these feelings will calm down, stabilize and be more rational with the time passing. Nevertheless, making international friends, learning about other cultures and being surrounded by a foreign language develops your character irreversibility.

Luckily at WUR there are plenty of possibilities to meet new people and other exchange, international students. At the university you will find few student associations such as ESN and ISOW that organize lots of fun activities. There are also several sport associations where you can also easily find and spend time with great people. Moreover, usually students live with housemates which is another way of making friends. Next to it, during courses, lectures, practical classes and group work you will always meet new faces. Lastly you can always say hello to someone in a café or at the Saturday market 😉

For more information about ESN Wageningen go to this website – https://esn-wageningen.nl/

For more information about ISOW Wageningen go to this website – https://www.isow-wageningen.com/

Other options?

Erasmus is only one of the possibilities to travel abroad in your studying years. Besides the mostly known way of exchange there is also internship exchange provided by Erasmus programme. Furthermore, you can also come to Wageningen to pursue your thesis project. For this usually the procedure is more individual so you should email and arrange details with teachers on your own.

For more information about coming to WUR for an exchange go to this website – https://www.wur.nl/incoming-students-/incoming-students-to-wageningen-university.htm

Be brave and trust the process!

Concluding, I hope this post brought you closer to the idea of studying abroad. From experiences of other people and my own I can guarantee you it’s lots of fun and lifelong memories! So, check the deadlines, apply and see you soon in Wageningen!




By Maria

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  1. By: Isabela · 05-08-2023 at 05:15

    Thank you so much for share a bit of your experience about: how the exchange feels. I agree with you because I lived a similar experience too but in Brazil for four months. I would like to apply for a schoolarship to study my master there in Wageningen. I look forward to staying in touch and learning more about the university.

  2. By: Miguel · 10-09-2023 at 02:02

    Hi there,

    My name is Miguel, I’m from Brazil. I’m really interested in studying in Wageningen, but if possible I wanted to talk to some students to see how things are there first (specially with someone doing the BCs Soil, Water, Atmosphere, which is what I intend to do). Where could I get someone’s contact to talk to?

    Kind regards,

    1. By: Laura Sanchez · 11-09-2023 at 11:59

      Dear Miguel,

      You can click here to visit our page for the specific Bachelor program you are interested in. Then, you should be able to see a pop up message where you can chat with one of the student ambassadors. Hopefully this helped!

      Kind regards,
      Laura Sanchez

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