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What is the acceptance rate at Wageningen University?

By Luisa Fernanda

International students often ask what is the acceptance rate at Wageningen University. In the Netherlands this is not a common thing nor does it say anything about your chances to get accepted or the quality of education. You just have to meet the requirements to get accepted. How does this work?

What is an acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of a university is the percentage of students that gets admitted to a programme based on the total number of students that applied. Especially in the United States universities with a low acceptance rate are generally viewed as desirable. This is why they often would like to get as many applicants as possible to get a low acceptance rate and look more prestigious. Since the Netherlands doesn’t have such kind of a system it is hard to compare. This means there is also no acceptance rate at Wageningen University.

How is the acceptance rate arranged at Wageningen University?

Some universities in the Netherlands have ‘numerus fixus’ programmes (where only a certain amount of students get accepted), Wageningen University accepts every student. This means you will get accepted to any bachelor’s or master’s programme if you meet the requirements.
There are some general requirements to be able to study at Wageningen University. As an international student, you need to have a good level of English. But also you need to have the right pre-education. This is to make sure you fit into the programme.

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Overview of the application process

If you have doubts about where in the application process you are. We have made an overview for the bachelor’s and master’s. These steps will help you determine what to do next.

wageningen university application process bachelor

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wageningen university application process master

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By Luisa Fernanda

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