The most asked questions about studying at Wageningen University & Research

By Luisa Fernanda

During the year the student advice team gets a lot of questions. Naturally, you have doubts and questions when you’re about to move across the world to pursue your dreams. To help you prepare for this big decision we listed the most asked questions we get in this time. With the answers of course! And if your question is not listed below, do not hesitate to leave a comment or send an email to

1. What are the scholarship opportunities?

Unfortunately there are too little scholarships for the number of students that wish to apply for one. If you can apply for a scholarship depends on several things. For example, there’s a different between possibilities for bachelor’s and master’s students. Also, your country of residence can be one of the requirements. Then there are scholarship you get selected for by a board and there is funding you can apply for yourself. It is always good to keep in mind not all scholarships cover all the study expenses and there are (often early) deadlines. Below you can find an overview of available funding.

2. How to find a room?

When you start doing some research to student housing in the Netherlands, you might have noticed you’re not the only one. Many students are looking for a place to live before they start their studies. This is why it’s important to start looking on time and register at the housing cooperation as early as possible. Make sure to check ‘The basics of student housing’ blog or the website for a step-by-step explanation.

3. When do I need to fill in an application?

It’s best to fill in an application as soon as you know you want to study at Wageningen University & Research. This way you will also get the results from the admission board on time. Don’t forget to look if the deadline is different when you want to apply for a scholarship as well.

Deadlines Bachelor’s programmes

Non-EU/Non-EFTA students
Starting September: 1 May

NL/EU/EFTA students
Starting September: 1 July

Check the website for more details about the application deadlines for bachelor’s.

Deadlines Master’s programmes

Non-eu/Non-EFTA students
Starting February: 15 September
Starting September: 15 April

NL/EU/EFTA students
Starting February: 15 November
Starting September: 15 June

Check the website for more details about the application deadlines for master’s.

4. What tuition fee do I need to pay?

The tuition fee that you have to pay to study in Wageningen depends on your nationality. There are also exceptions if you are studying a second bachelor’s or master’s or a premaster. Make sure to check out the website before you apply for a programme. This way you know before what the costs of studying are.

5. What are the admission requirements to get accepted to a programme?

There are general admission requirements and programme specific requirements. For example, you might need to have studied certain subjects that are relevant to the programme you are applying for. Also, for bachelor’s students, your high school diploma needs to be approved by the admission board. And for master’s it is important that you can prove you meet the English proficiency requirements. You can find an overview of all the requirements on the website. Read them carefully before reaching out for questions.

6. Where can I get advice on choosing a programme?

If you have questions about a certain programme, you can always chat with students. They know exactly what it is like to study in Wageningen. We also listed a few tips on how to find out what kind of programme fits you. You can find them in the blog ‘How to pick a study’. And it’s good to participate in events like the Virtual Open Day. This gives you the opportunity to talk to programme directors and study advisers of several programmes.

7. How to contact student from your own country?

With students from over 100 different countries, it’s not hard to find someone from your home country to talk to. You might want to talk about if it was easy to adjust to the Dutch culture, how they feel at home or tips to meet other students. The easiest way to contact a student is through Unibuddy chat. Go to the website to start a chat with one of our students.

8. How to contact the study adviser from a programme?

First, make sure you participated in events and read about the programmes you’re interested in. All this information can help you answer questions and compare different programmes. If you have general questions after doing some research the Study Information Office might be able to help. However, if you have specific questions about the content of a programme the study adviser can help. You can contact them by clicking on the contact button on the programme website. See the example below.


By Luisa Fernanda

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  1. By: Maja Tarnok · 06-04-2022 at 10:04

    Dear Luisa Fernanda,
    I’m applying to master’s programme at WUR and I would like to know what kind of Academic Transcript is required. The one I have in English doesn’t contain the GPA of each semester, only the cumulative GPA for my overall studies. Do you think that’s okay? It has all the other important details (the courses and the grades, etc) and it has the EuroPass logo too.

    Thank you so much,

    1. By: Luisa Fernanda · 06-04-2022 at 13:42

      Dear Maja,

      Thank you for your question. I will send you an email with the contact of the department you need to get in touch with for this matter.


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