How to pick a study: thinking about your ambitions

By Paula

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Figuring out what you would like in the future isn’t always easy. There are so many choices, studies and tracks to choose from. The process of picking a study is different for everyone. A good way to start is to think about what you want. You might already have done that, but did you also talked about it with friends and family? Below we give you 5 tips that might help you decide on what you want. And if you want to talk to other students about studying. You can always contact our students online.

Tip 1: Who am I?

To figure out what fits your interests you have to get to know yourself. Try to write down what your skills and talents are. Also, think about which you’re not good at. You can take a look at which things are going well at school or your job. Or about what do you get compliments?

Tip 2: What motivates me?

Think about what you find interesting. What motivates you? Where do you want to spend time at? Also, think about what is important for you. This can be job opportunities, the type of education or maybe the university you want to study at.

Tip 3: What kind of job fits me?

Do you like more practical work or analytical? Working with people or alone? In a lab or outside? Most students don’t know yet what kind of job they want. A lot of them figure this out after their studies. But you can think about the skills you find important in a job.

To give you an idea of what our alumni do, you can also take a look at WUR to work series on YouTube.

Tip 4: What kind of job do I want?

You don’t have to think about a profession. You can also focus on your ambitions. What are your goals? Maybe you want to find a solution for environmental issues or solve problems like food scarcity. Or a manager? Which steps do you have to take to reach your goals?

Tip 5: Who can help me?

Don’t’ be afraid to reach out or talk to people about choosing a study. What do your friends and family think? Or your current teachers might have tips. It’s also good to do some online research. Read blogs, experiences of other students and browse around the social media channels of a university. If you’re already interested in a particular programme, join a webinar, open day or reach out to students with your questions.

By Paula

Our International Students Advice team is here to help you with your journey to WUR. Hopefully you will find interesting stories on this weblog and tips that help you with choosing a study.

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  1. By: Vysakh · 30-10-2021 at 10:30

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic, This will surely help students hoping to study abroad.

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