International students from the Excellence Programme 2019

20 November 2019 | Category: Education

Dohun Kim is a student from South Korea. Currently, he is studying the Master’s Programme in Forest and Nature conservation (MFN) and honoured with the Excellence Programme of the Wageningen University Fellowship Programme (WUFP). Excellence Programme is a scholarship awarding  a few selected non-EU/EEA students.. Providing supports for tuition fees…

European Workshop: A challenging and one of a kind course at WUR you should take!

6 November 2019 | Category: Education

European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management is a consultancy project course that allows students from four masters programmes to join. They are Environmental Sciences (MES), Urban Environmental Management (MUE), Tourism, Society and Environment (MTO), and Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management (MAM). The two months duration equals 12 credits. So, following…

‘Bright’ Brightspace!

30 October 2019 | Category: Education

When I started my master programme at Wageningen University, the first thing I was amazed by is the e-learning platform, Blackboard. During my bachelor, my university did not use an e-learning platform or learning management system (LMS). I remembered before the new semester started, we were too busy to ask…

MOOCs – WUR Free courses online

22 September 2019 | Category: Education

Take a free online course in order to prepare your studies, get to know Wageningen University & Research and receive credits!   Did you know that the WUR offers, completely free of charge, online courses? MOOCs or Massive Open and Online courses are free courses that anyone can become part of…

The European Workshop Course

4 August 2019 | Category: Education, Master's Student

The European Workshop Course Hello there! This blog post speaks about what one can expect from one of the restricted optional courses offered by Wageningen. This course is the European Workshop for Environmental Sciences and Management. This workshop is restricted for master’s students from the following backgrounds. MES       Environmental Sciences…

Learning Dutch for International Student FREE!

7 July 2019 | Category: Education

During the earlier period of studying in Wageningen, I do not feel any urgency to learn Dutch. I think that everyone can speak to me in English. For example, when I went to the market, the seller asked me in Dutch. But when I seemed confused, the seller will start…

Why do we miss?

iGem Natalia WUR
16 May 2019 | Category: Education

The continuous verb tense of the word missing already shows its progressive aspect. I am more than sure that; the pressure felt in the middle of the chest when someone you were used to be with is not there anymore; could never be more alive overtime. Missing is more than…

My internship in The United States: Part 1

student Lizzie
22 February 2019 | Category: Education, Student life

In August 2018 I packed up my things, said goodbye to the Netherlands and flew to the United States for my internship. I was based in Bozeman, a tiny town in the middle of Montana famous for its mountains, the Big Sky ski resort, and Yellowstone National Park. I had…

Do you want to make an impact?

26 December 2018 | Category: Education, Student life

Wageningen University is certainly the best university to focus your academic carrier on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. Wageningen University research and education are based on a fundamental scientific approach whose work is strongly connected with governments and the business community. But are you just looking forward to…

FabLab; Want to be a maker?

12 December 2018 | Category: Education

Wageningen University offers you more than just science, indeed Wageningen is well known for its capacity to translate science. Have you ever had an idea in your mind which you wanted to make physical? Did you ever thought about a molecule, a landscape, a prototipe or a new item and…

Wageningen Ingenieurs Feest

7 November 2018 | Category: Education, Student life

If you are an exchange student as me, you might have realize that quiet often students walk through the street dressed as if it was carnival. I am sure that more than once you saw a group of students walking while singing or shouting through the streets of Wageningen. If…

Lecture Week 2018

17 October 2018 | Category: Education

Welcome to Wageningen! Are you considering Wageningen as your future university? Would you like to know what could you expect when studying in Wageningen? Join us to the online Lecture Week from Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October and experience Wageningen lectures. When and where will the online Wageningen…

International students start a bachelor’s programme

26 September 2018 | Category: Education

New and exciting things are about the happen! A new era starts for Wageningen University & Research. This month, dozens of international students start a bachelor’s programme. This was possible before as well, but only if you’d also learn Dutch. And then study in Dutch afterwards. This time it’s different….