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By Monika Saradha

I'm a Masters student pursuing Food Technology with Biotechn...

Enrolled into the University? Or just looking through what WUR is about? Or are you about to start an academic year at the university and wondering what the periods system is all about?

Worry not! I hope by the end this article you get a rough idea on how it works.

Months of research commenced once I knew I’m going to spend two amazing years of my master’s program at Wageningen. From accommodation to modes of transport, sports clubs, study associations, international association all so clear but one. How on earth do I crack this system of choosing my subjects based on periods and just one month to cover an advanced course? What if I don’t like the subject? What if I’m not able to handle the work load!

So, at WUR for Masters, there are 6 periods in an academic year, followed by a year of thesis and internship which you’ll be clear about by now. Based on the year of intake you may start with the first period or the fourth period. Below you will find the timeline of the period and number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) you will be able to cover on these periods. Most courses are worth 6 ECTS and few with 3 ECTS. Apart from getting an idea of what the course has to offer from the course guide (which by itself is pretty clear) you also get to attend the first class and decide if you can handle it or go ahead with a quick change.

Course schedule:

• 1st Period – September – October (12 ECTS)
• 2nd Period – November – December (12 ECTS)
• 3rd Period – January (6 ECTS) (no study week)
• February (First half) – Resit exams It’s alright 🙂 Or Mini vacation Yeayyy!
• 4th Period – February – mid- March (6 ECTS)
• 5th Period – March – April (12 ECTS)
• 6th Period – May – June (12 ECTS)
• August (First half) – Resit exams

For additional information can always check in with the official website.Study Handbook and Schedule


Now that you know what the schedule looks like, lets dig deep. Period 1 does feel a bit new, exciting and weird all at the same time, trust me you’ll get through it at the drop of a hat.Thus you’ll have enough time warm up your seat.

Period 3 & 4: BRING IT ON! Yes, it is going to be hectic, packed and FUN!

Once it is over 😛

Therefore it is good to be focused since day one in order to ace the course, after all the schedule and the courses are planned in a way to suit the short term.

EXAMS!!! Hello to the amazement of testing your acquired skills. For someone hailing from India the exam model I was used to was pretty straight and simple.At WUR it’s all about testing your mode of applying the gained knowledge and at times the knowledge itself. Get ready for a number of group-works which is fun and educating in its own way.

Certainly,by the end of first period you’ll get acquainted with the art of,

“Studying the WUR WAY!”

By Monika Saradha

I'm a Masters student pursuing Food Technology with Biotechnology & Bio-refining as my specialization. I come from India and a novice to living alone and abroad.Pretty inquisitive and trying to be present everywhere all at the same time and failing at it. I hope to give you a glimpse of my experience of living, studying and falling in love with Wageningen.

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