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By Arun Krishna

Hi there, I come from Chennai, India. I joined Wageningen fo...

New to Wageningen or planning are you planning to join soon?

If you are, then you should know that Wageningen offers a lot of useful courses open to all students. These courses focus on developing student skills and personality. In this article, I will write about these courses.

Courses offered by ELS

ELS stands for education and learning sciences department here in Wageningen. This department offers a lot of courses that focus on Personality Development. Some of their courses include the following: career development and planning, negotiation skills and the art of public speaking. A lot of their courses are 1.5 ECTS credits. Students often take them as extra credits along with their master’s program.

These courses are especially helpful for students who wish to strengthen their weak traits. For example, if a student suffers from stage fright, a course like the ‘art of public speaking’ can help him/her overcome their fear of speaking on stage.¬† Or if they wish they wish to learn more about time management, ELS offers a course called ‘Management skills’ . This course will probably help them learn more about how to manage their time along with other management skills.

The link that is given below, gives a full list of all the courses offered by the ELS chair group. By clicking on the course code, one can find out more about what the course offers and when it is scheduled during the calendar year. Another way to find out about when these courses are scheduled is by searching for it in the study handbook. This can be done on the Myportal webpage if you are already a registered student of Wageningen.


Courses offered by into Languages

Into Languages offers a lot of language courses to students in Wageningen. They include Dutch, English, Spanish, and French. Besides these languages, they also have a collaboration with  Radboud University in Nijmegen. into Languages Radboud has a larger variety of courses in languages which include Arabic and Chinese. In general, language courses offered at the university are a lot cheaper than doing them outside. The link below takes you directly to the webpage of Wageningen into Languages.


Into Languages Wageningen offers Dutch courses for free! The courses are called Social Dutch 1 and Social Dutch 2. If you complete these courses and pass the exam, you also get a certificate from the University. It is extremely useful to learn Dutch here in the Netherlands. This is true, especially if you wish to learn more about the culture here or wish to stay back after your education.

Other places

There are also a lot of other places in Wageningen, where a student can take useful courses. For example, the International Student Organization of Wageningen (ISOW) offers dance, language and yoga classes during the week. At ISOW, volunteers from different part of the world come to teach their culture to the Wageningen Community.

If you wish to learn something new and have no course to take for it. You could always post it on Facebook at Wageningen Student Plaza. Recently, I came across a post about someone who wanted to learn the Rubix cube. A lot of people responded to his post. It surprises me what one can find in Wageningen Student plaza sometimes.






By Arun Krishna

Hi there, I come from Chennai, India. I joined Wageningen for my masters in September 2018 and I study Environmental Technology here. My journey has been incredible so far and I wish to share a few of my stories with you :-)

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