My Summer School Experience at Wageningen University and Research

6 August 2018 | Category: Education

By Jenny Olatunji  Editing by Chhavi Kaushik   It was a cold, dark and dreary evening in late November when I was mindlessly scrolling through Google and came across an infographic for the ‘Global Food Summer School’ at Wageningen University & Research. Summer school is essentially a series of lectures…

Gymnastic popcorns

4 July 2018 | Category: Education

Have you ever stand in front of the microwave waiting for your popcorns to explode? Have you ever recorded a slow motion video of a kernel popping? Science is always around us and again is not magic what makes popcorn to pop but it is this time pressure who rules…

How does your book smell?

30 May 2018 | Category: Education

Did you know that your book could also be characterize by its aroma? Books are nor human being but they change their aroma as they get older. A combination of volatile compounds gives to your books their characteristic smell. But were you aware of the fact that this aroma changes…

Six Nationalities, Eight Weeks, Challenging Project – One Family !

20 May 2018 | Category: Education

Background Six nationalities with six different professional and educational background– working together on a challenging yet satisfying project – throughout eight intense weeks. That was pretty much how we, Ainhoa Solano Hernandez, Irma Savitri Sani, Jana Chrenkova, Jorge Gonzalez, Lingxuan Li and Zakaria Alam, would describe our experience working together…

Wageningen Student Challenge – building a greenhouse!

13 May 2018 | Category: Education

If you enter the Atlas building at around 17:30 on a Tuesday and head down to the ground floor you will find 14 people crammed into a room surrounded by food and drinks. The people in the room are from numerous different countries, and study everything from plant sciences to…

Developing ‘The Science Behind Beer’ MOOC

17 April 2018 | Category: Education

By Yovita Astuti Djohan / MSc Biotechnology   Together with 17 motivated MSc and BSc students, we have been making a Massive Open Online Course (see: about ‘The Science of Beer’ since last October 2017. This is an amazing project which inspired and motivated me, because it is made…

Thesis Life: Let’s Get Started!

27 March 2018 | Category: Education, Student life

Hi everyone! My name is Yurike, from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesian archipelago. I am a second year student of Master Nutrition and Health (MNH), specializing in Nutritional Physiology and Health Status. Thankfully, I already did my thesis (for a sweet eight-month period), started in May 2017 and finished…

Everyone plays a role in the circular economy

7 February 2018 | Category: Education, Student life

The other day, when I was walking on campus, I bumped into the Alternative Thesis Fair. “Are you looking for a thesis subject? We can help you!”. I thought: apparently not I’m the only one in doubt of what to do for my master’s thesis. Or beyond, what to do…

Super-Bugs, Are we training a bacterial army?

19 January 2018 | Category: Education

It’s a war for survival. A few years ago I was diagnosed with pneumonia, a well-known infectious disease. We might all know, pneumonia is an infection commonly caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae [1]. By now, we might all expect this infection to be easily overcome. However, this is not generally the…

iGEM Jamboree in Massachussets!

21 December 2017 | Category: Education

November the 7th, we were finally taking our flight to Massachussets. Boston was waiting for us and we were carrying a huge poster all around the world to compite in the MIT. A week before I was wondering which was the reason I joined Igem. The wikiFreeze is probably one…

The art of teamwork

15 December 2017 | Category: Education

I lean back to reconsider the exhausting period of the course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT). I found that the lesson learnt for me is experience to work with a difficult team that is slightly discouraging me. It made me frustrated, but then I turned my frustrations into something productive which…

A ‘blue’ study at Wageningen University & Research

13 November 2017 | Category: Education

Located among the Dutch croplands and cows, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is world-class in living-organism studies (microorganisms, plants, animals, and human-beings) with applications in agriculture, food industries, and others. Wageningen itself is known as ‘the city of life sciences.’ Many students from around the world come to join these study programs, which…

Joining the iGEM competition

iGEM wur
23 October 2017 | Category: Education

Hola! My name is Natalia (although I’ve been always called Nat, until I faced the amazing Dutch language). I’m a 23-year-old Spanish girl who is in love with sports and the sun. I did my biotechnology Bachelor in Valencia (Spain). Even though I liked it very much, I was still curious…

My experience as European Workshop project manager.

blog MSc Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management
18 September 2017 | Category: Education, Student life

Fasten your seat belts, we are going to Malta. By Francisco Xosé Presas Basalo   The European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management is a consultancy training provided by Wageningen University. On it, an interdisciplinary and multicultural group of 30 students undertake a real consultancy project for a client in another…

A smooth transition from University to career

working life
20 June 2017 | Category: Education

This Monday, Wageningen University and Research gained one more student supporting platform: The Student Career Service. Only a couple of days after the opening, the Career Service organised their first big event – the Career Day for the Masters in Development Studies. How did this first event go and what…

Life Science Today

life science today
10 April 2017 | Category: Education

In the world which involves space travel to completely automated cars, nature and biology seems to be in the background. Technological news about advances in the natural world seem to be sparse and inconsequential. But such is not the case. Life science is evolving at a great pace that might…