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Life Science Today

By Pranav Kulkarni

MSc Animal Science...

In the world which involves space travel to completely automated cars, nature and biology seems to be in the background. Technological news about advances in the natural world seem to be sparse and inconsequential. But such is not the case. Life science is evolving at a great pace that might surprise us. The only problem is our perspective of looking at it. Many people of non-scientific background still consider life science as a “Naturalists’ whims” and hence don’t recognize the role it plays in our everyday life. The invention of a hybrid super car is music to their ears but invention of CRISPR gene editing tool and possibilities of alternate sources of food sounds alien and gibberish. But the fact is that Life Science study performs wonders and miracles that are astounding and life-saving.

Recently, a multi-institutional group of researchers from Texas developed a 3D genome assembly tool that can construct a whole genome from the scratch in a very short period. This new technique is much cheaper than the de novo technology that has been in play for so many years. The inspiration for such invention was the Zika Virus outbreak that terrorized the whole world. In a short period of time, the scientists can sequence bits and pieces of crucial DNA from mosquito, the human host and the virus.

On a global scale, there has been an increase in the students favouring Life Sciences disciplines.

Another recent breakthrough involves the discovery of certain mechanism implemented by grass and crop species to adapt to warm and water scarce climatic conditions. Carnegie Global Ecology and Stanford University research teams did this research. The research opens doors to many scientific curiosities, like how plants evolve and how they are preparing themselves for the changes in global climate.

One more interesting news in the animal world involves the complete “uprooting” of Dinosaur family tree pertaining to new revelations. The family tree used by scientists and palaeontologists from more than a century has changed radically. Although this is not uncommon, it certainly changes a lot of notions we have of evolutionary history.

Our university is doing innovative research in its vast domains of Life Sciences.

Then there is the field of biomedical research in which scientists work tirelessly to curb threats like cancer, AIDS and other unchecked diseases. The plant and crop sciences progress exponentially to match the world hunger crisis. Agriculture has been made remarkable and sustainable. Environmentalists try to pacify the “artificialization” of our world and safeguard it. Animal production has achieved a great deal too.Wageningen sign

Our university is doing innovative research in its vast domains of Life Sciences. There have been many new ideas being presented in the domains like global climate change, nutrition and battle against hunger, global health, agricultural and animal production, landscape architecture and many more. As its students, we must make this information available to others. Students, peers, colleagues, interested people and many others should know about the importance of the work being done. Every year new students seek admissions and the number is rising.

On a global scale, there has been an increase in the students favouring Life Sciences disciplines. As a part of this change, we can help increase the awareness in places where it is not known or undervalued. The more we can do, the better it is. There was an industrial revolution few centuries ago and now it is time for another one. The challenges that we face today are daunting and require combined efforts of as many individuals as possible. There is a need for critical thinking without forgetting about the nature that provides everything for us.

By Pranav Kulkarni

MSc Animal Science

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  1. By: Partha sarathi · 01-06-2017 at 17:00

    It is nice to read ur articles SIR.i am also a student stUdying ag bsc at ANGRAU,ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIA

  2. By: Rosemary · 02-06-2017 at 08:44

    I liked reading this piece of work. It is really true that natural and life science is sometimes looked down upon yet it is very important science that should be given all the respect as it gives in depth knowledge. to the world.

    I give thumbs up to natural science since it solves problems we encounter in our everyday.

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