Right to Protest

Pranav Wageningen
By: Pranav Kulkarni · 5 December 2018
Category: Student life

In the recent times, we hear of protests and marches on TV-News channels, Social Media and other sources. It is in our tendency to either sympathize with the protesters or critique them for their actions. Current political climate in most nations of this world dictates a bi-partisan, radical outlook where…

Things to do before securing admission

blogger Wageningen University
By: Pranav Kulkarni · 8 December 2017
Category: Incoming students, Tips and advice

What is Wageningen University and Research? “Wageningen University and Research” is a combination of an academic university (WU) for Bachelor and Masters’ studies, and several research centres (Wageningen Research) which are tailor made to pursue research in a particular domain of life sciences. Doctoral training (PhDs) is handled by 6…


blogger Wageningen University
By: Pranav Kulkarni · 22 May 2017
Category: Tips and advice

A famous American physicist and philosopher Michio Kaku once said that “Science is a double-edged sword”. On one hand, it obliterates all the ills of the world by making it a comfortable place to live in and on the other it wreaks havoc when it is placed in hands of…

Life Science Today

Pranav Wageningen
By: Pranav Kulkarni · 10 April 2017
Category: Education

In the world which involves space travel to completely automated cars, nature and biology seems to be in the background. Technological news about advances in the natural world seem to be sparse and inconsequential. But such is not the case. Life science is evolving at a great pace that might…

The global De-globalization

Pranav Wageningen
By: Pranav Kulkarni · 1 March 2017
Category: Student life

As we march forward into an exciting world of new generation science, technology, economic advancements with breath-taking pace, we seem to be lagging on one quotient that has always aided humanity in the past. SOCIETY. As technology advances and internet takes over lifestyle, we seem to have lost touch with…